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The Big Push Do you know someone who feels isolated or helpless?

 Half of all new mums suffer from some sort of 'baby blues' but for one in ten mothers this becomes a  far more serious problem.

 Postnatal depression can happen to anyone, but we know that your risk of suffering is reduced when you  receive the right support in the early days of life with your new baby. We want to help all new mums in your  community to find someone to talk to.

 The Big Push nationally is looking to raise  £40,000 this year to support new parents who are struggling by  looking to giving them the opportunity to share their anxieties and frustrations through local support groups like Bumps & Babies and via the helplines and other services.

As a branch we need your support to work towards enabling us make the early days of parenthood a positive experience for thousands of mums and dads.

Keep on Pushing!!!

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