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We currently have a vacancy for a bra fitter; if you are interested, please email Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a bra fitting service until this vacancy is filled. In the meantime, branch members recommend The Fitting Studio in Forest Hill (G-K cup), Bravissimo and John Lewis.

Bra FAQs

•When should I get fitted for my breastfeeding bras? If it is your first baby then you should aim to have your bras fitted at around 36 weeks pregnant. If it is your second or subsequent baby you can get your fitting from 32 weeks but I usually prefer to leave it nearer to 36 weeks if possible

•How do I know that it will fit me once I have had my baby? We don't know for sure but what we do know is that your breasts will get bigger once your milk comes in and that once your baby is born your rib cage will get smaller over a few days and weeks. So when your bra is fitted we allow for that which means that we need to see enough room in the cup for expansion and enough spare hooks on the back of your bra so that you can tighten it as your ribs get smaller

•My current bra is beginning to feel to tight but I only have a few weeks to go and I don't want to buy a new bra, is there anything I can do? Yes, you could buy an extension piece for your current bra. Essentially this is four extra rows of eyes and an extra row of hooks to go in the back of your bra and provide you with extra breathing space. They come in black and white, 2 and 3 rows high, £3.50 each

•Why does this bra that I am wearing keep going up my back? “I always have to pull it down and it is not very comfortable”. That is because it is too big in the rib cage and too small in the cup. Try going one size smaller in the rib cage and one bigger in the cup and see how that feels

•Do I have to be a member of NCT for you to fit my bra? No, we can fit bras for any pregnant or breastfeeding woman

•I bought some bras when I had my last baby and I'm not sure if they still fit, what should I do? Bring them with you when you come for your fitting and we'll have a look

•How many bras should I buy? I would recommend 2 or 3 daytime bras and 1 or 2 night time bras

•Do I really need night time bras? You are probably going to need something to wear at night, if for no other reason than to hold your breast pads in place. A night time bra will give you light support but its main purpose is to hold your breast pads in place

•I was planning to sleep on a towel, won't that be good enough? That will be fine so long as you can control the direction that your milk is going to leak in. For example if you are lying on your back and the towel is underneath you how will you avoid the duvet?

•I was going to wear a crop top at night, will that be ok?It will probably be ok so long as when you feed your baby you ensure that the part of the top that you have either lifted up or pulled down is not pressing on your breast tissue causing the potential for blocked ducts or mastitis. The night time bras are designed so that you can get to your breast in a way that avoids this risk

•Why are underwired bras not recommended? Again this is the potential risk of causing blocked ducts. Once you are breastfeeding there is the risk that the wires could press into your breast tissue and cause a blockage

•Surely I can just wear a normal bra and pull it down or lift it up to feed my baby? Once again this comes back to the possibility of causing blocked ducts by the bra pressing on your breast tissue when it is pulled down or lifted up

•How much money does the fitter make from selling these bras? Absolutely none, we do this on a voluntary basis as do all NCT bra fitters. However 10% of all sales go directly to the branch to support the work of NCT

•What are Bras and Beers Nights? This will be a fitting evening for your whole NCT antenatal group at one of your homes. We will bring a suitcase full of bras and get installed in a bedroom where the ladies come to see us one at a time for a fitting. The men can toddle off to the nearest pub for a drink or 3.  If you are not part of an antenatal group we can arrange to do a fitting in one of our homes

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