Why do I need to get fitted?

During pregnancy and breastfeeding wearing a correctly fitted bra helps you to maintain your shape and may help to prevent problems such as mastitis caused by a poorly fitted bra pressing on delicate breast tissue.  Underwired bras in particular are not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding as they can interfere with the milk ducts in the breast.

I have a very large/small cup size, is there a bra to fit me?

NCT bras have the largest size and range of any nursing bras in the UK, from 30B to 44K so it's likely that our fitter can find a bra that's just right for you.

When should I get fitted?

For maternity support bras our fitter can measure and fit you throughout your pregnancy as your breast size increases.  For breastfeeding bras it is ideal to be fitted from 36 weeks of pregnancy onwards.  Our fitter can also fit you at any stage after your baby is born in the postnatal period to ensure your breasts are well supported while you are breastfeeding. Your bra size may change as your baby grows so it's important to regularly check you are still in the correct size bra.

Where do I get fitted?

Bra fittings will take place in the fitter's home but may be arranged in your own home if for any reason you are unable to drive e.g. following caesarean birth. We are hoping to start making the service available at antenatal courses over the next few months - contact Emily or your teacher to find out if this can be arranged for your class.

What makes NCT bras different from high street brands?

  • NCT bras are designed by NCT breastfeeding experts enabling women to breastfeed discretely and easily while feeling comfortable and looking good.
  •  NCT bras have the largest size and range in the UK. 
  • NCT bras are lined in 100% cotton making them the ultimate in cool and comfortable bras.
  • NCT bras are specially designed to keep their shape helping women to keep theirs.

Will I be pressured to buy a bra?

No, all fittings are free with no obligation to buy; our aim is that the bra we fit for you will be so comfortable it will sell itself.

So how do I arrange a fitting?

Our fitter provides this service on a voluntary basis with no payment or commission. Contact the general enquiries email to find out more peterborough@nct.org.uk

Comments from our clients

“I have been recommending the NCT bra-fitting service to all my pregnant friends and want to thank the NCT (and Emily!) for putting priority on helping all us mums find good products that fit our needs”
Jackie Fewtrell, local mum and satisfied user 


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