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It is best practice for every branch to have a Branch Press and Publicity Officer, who must be a member of the NCT since the role involves representing the charity to external organisations or the public. All volunteers are covered by the conditions of the Volunteer Policy & Charter.

The Branch Publicity Officer is:

  • able to communicate effectively and persuasively about the NCT in order to maximise opportunities for raising the branch’s and charity’s profile through media coverage and other publicity materials. 

A successful Publicity Officer is confident and creative, able to build up relationships with the local media to publicise and celebrate branch activities and the achievements of the NCT as a whole. 87% of people in the UK read their local newspaper and 70% listen to their local radio station which shows the value of the Publicity Officer role - it may be challenging at times, but it is fun, interesting and worthwhile.

Time Commitment

There will be times of the year when more hours will be required, e.g. prior to branch events such as NCT Nearly New Sales or other fundraising/promotional activities. The NCT Volunteer & Member Profile 2008 showed that 47% of volunteers spent up to 2 hours in a typical week and a further 42% spent 2 to 8 hours on their volunteering.

Full Details

For full details see the role description on Babble, the NCT intranet (you will need your NCT membership number to log onto Babble). 


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