The Lewisham branch is run entirely by volunteers, the majority of whom who are listed below.

  • For general enquiries please call 0844 243 6120
  • For antenatal class bookings, see the contact details in Courses
  • Your local branch Area Reps and New Parent Support volunteers contact details are available on an area-by-area basis in Connect with others
  • We always welcome more help - please contact the Branch Coordinators if you'd like get involved


Role Name









Branch Co-ordinator

Coordinates the whole branch activities, focusing on health and
maternity issues










Manni Counihan and Natalia Plant 










Manages the branch finances
and accounts

Jo Rowbotham  
Deputy Treasurer Michelle Brooks Evans  

Branch Secretary

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Catherine Davies 

Jill Gettrup 0207 6429276

Membership Secretary

Manages the branch membership list

Kate Young  
Publicity and Campaigns Officer

Branch press releases, advises
on campaigns


Parent Support Coordinator

Coordinates the new parent supporter
team; produces a diary of new parent

Maya Haiman-Eilon
Nearly New Sales Team

Contact 0844 243 6120 (option 2)

 Volunteers needed  
Organise the regular branch Nearly
New Sales. Contact the NNS team to
find out about selling or volunteering
at sales
 Lara Robson  

Newsletter Advertising Co-ordinator

Books and coordinates adverts in the
branch newsletter 'New Addition'



Newsletter Team

Fiona Brocklebank


 Website Editor

Updates website to keep parents and volunteers informed

Corinna Dixon


South East London

Benjamin Whitaker
(website, Lewisham
local contact)

Andy Donkin
(Greenwich local

Ian Williamson
(email bulletins)

Tim Johnson

David Lee

Local Support:    

Single Parent Co-ordinator

Coordinates the branch single parent
support group

Volunteer needed  
Twins and multiples Rosemary Mann
07854 719971
Breast pump agent (Medela)

Co-ordinates breast pump hire

Jenny Miller
07545 036869

Lewisham Hospital Maternity Services
Liaison Committee Representatives 



King's College Hospital Maternity Service Liaso Committee Representative

Daniela Wood
07917 167907

Jessica Ormerod

Michelle McClarren


Louie Matthews

Specialist Workers:    

Breastfeeding Counsellor

Runs antenatal classes in the New
Cross area

Hazel Jones
020 8690 4753
Postnatal Leader (trainee) Maya Haiman-Eilon  
Breastfeeding Counsellor (trainee) Jessica Figueras  
Breastfeeding Counsellor (trainee) Jessica Ormerod  

Local activities and meetups

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