This role is currently held by Melissa Branzburg.

All volunteers are covered by the conditions of the Volunteer Policy & Charter.

The NCT wants all parents-to-be and new parents to understand that we are a charity able to help them with information, services and support. Every branch webpage helps the NCT achieve this goal. Creative, interesting and up to date web materials really do make a difference to all parents in your local area, demonstrating to parents, members, potential members, volunteers, specialist workers, health and children’s services professionals that your branch is the local FACE of the NCT.

The Branch Webmaster is:

  • able to work closely with the branch team to keep the branch web pages up to date, to make branch activities for parents accessible, to promote fundraising and social events, and advertise volunteering opportunities;
  • able to edit copy for the web and achieve optimum layout so that browsers can find what they need.

A successful Webmaster is a good communicator, making the branch web pages an interesting mix of local information and advertising relevant to the readership. Being the Webmaster may be challenging at times, but it is fun, interesting and worthwhile. PC with internet access is essential.

Time Commitment

There will be times of the year when more hours will be required, e.g. when adding new events or new material. The NCT Volunteer & Member Profile 2008 showed that 47% of volunteers spent up to 2 hours in a typical week and a further 42% spent 2 to 8 hours on their volunteering.

Full Details

For full details see the role description on Babble, the NCT intranet (you will need your NCT membership number to log onto Babble).


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