Home Birth Support Groups - Brighton & Hove

Our Homebirth Support Group is an informal support group for women and their partners who are interested in planning a homebirth.

Research over the last couple of decades has found that planned home birth is at least as safe as hospital birth for healthy women with normal pregnancies. In addition, home birthers are half as likely to have a caesarean section, half as likely to have an assisted delivery and have a lower risk of haemorrhage. Babies born at home are less likely to have birth injuries and less likely to need resuscitation. (Chamberlain, G, Wraight A, Crowley P. Home Births The report of the 1994 confidential enquiry. National Birthday Trust Fund. Parthenon Publishing)

Brighton and Hove has traditionally enjoyed a high homebirth rate, with up to 10% of babies being born at home. Nevertheless it can be daunting to plan a birth that is a bit different from “the crowd”.

We hold meetings once a month and all our hosts have had a homebirth. We share birth stories, top tips and do our best to answer all the burning questions that parents-to-be have. It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet other expectant parents planning a home birth. Meetings are free, although we do ask for a coin donation to the NCT. Both members and non-members of the NCT are welcome.

We encourage new parents to return to the group after their baby has been born to share their birth story. We have a photo album so you can be encouraged and inspired by local babies. We’d love to add your baby’s photo to our collection.

We know and can put you in touch with women who have chosen to have a homebirth in circumstances such as:

  • Water birth
  • First time mothers
  • Older mothers (40+)
  • Previous hospital birth
  • Previous difficult birth
  • Previous caesarean(s)
  • Previous heavy bleeding after birth
  • Over 42 weeks gestation
  • Single mothers

We have a father’s contact for dads who would like a male perspective. Call 01273 508487.

We have DVDs and videos of homebirths that we will lend.

We meet on the last Thursday of each month at 8pm. Several reminders are posted up each month on the NCT Brighton & Hove Facebook page. Dates of future meetings are listed on our branch's Facebook upcoming events page. We also post items of interest on our own NCT Brighton & Hove Home Birth Support Group Facebook page.

You are very welcome to attend a meeting. Please call Marein on 07796 263559 or (01273) 566476 to confirm your attendance and the location of the next meeting. You can also contact her via email for more information on the group.