AMM Dorking 2015

Here are the documents from our Annual meeting from 2015, our AMM was held at Red Bar, Dene St, Dorking on May 19th.


Reports below:
Branch Annual Meeting (AM) 2015

All members, volunteers and supporters of Dorking Branch are warmly invited to attend the Annual Meeting which will be held at Red Bar & Lounge, Dene Street, Dorking on Tuesday 19th May 2015 at 8pm

1. Welcome & Introductions
§ [Coordinator/Chair (who chairs the AM also) and current Team members]
Zoe - Branch Co-ordinator)

Apologies - Aimee, Emily, Jude, Angie
Dear Zoe

Please accept my belated apologies.

I had intended on coming this evening, but have had one disaster after another, including my computer crashing and desperately catching up and trying to recover my data. If I find my report in time I will email it over hopefully to be included if you have wifi access and the meeting still running.

Only thing to mention at the moment is a very BIG thank you to you and the branch for supporting and promoting our courses, all your hard work in the branch, social and volunteer side does not go noticed and well done the NCT feeding support group.

Kind regards, Angie

2. To note the minutes of the AM held on 21st May 2014 at 8pm NOTED

3. Review of the Branch’s performance during the past 12 months (up to end March 2014) including financial performance

(a) Short reports will be given by volunteers, NCT Practitioners and students about all aspects of the branch’s activities, focussing on the role and purpose of branches set out in Annex A (overleaf) and the plans set at our AM last year

(b) Accounts for the last year (April to March) will be presented by the Branch Treasurer

4. Branch Charter (see AMM presentation)
All NCT Branches must operate in accordance with the Branch Charter. The following actions are needed:
(a) To agree the roles and responsibilities required to run the Branch
(b) To agree the size and composition of the Branch team/committee (all these roles to be filled by NCT members) STAYS THE SAME
(c) To invite volunteers to join the Branch team – if team posts are contested, the procedures set out in Annex B will be followed
(d) To agree arrangements for bank signatories, registration of volunteers and completion of the Branch annual return*** ZOE WILL COMPLETE BRANCH RETURN

5. Plans for the next year (April to March) (see AMM presentation)
All contributions to plans for branch activities and events in the coming six months will be welcome

6. Any Other Business
FOOD BANK - discussed awaiting input from PAM
Advertising query re contacting etc YES go ahead Emily
NNS dates 6th feb, 16th april, 10th sept, 12th Nov SAM to email to book asap
NNS sponsorship for 2016 (discussed and the NNS team of Pam&Sam to work on this with Emily providing advertiser emails but scope of sponsorship etc down to NNS team)
Gillian raised concerns re bookings and non-payment as we move to Intrabiz system this will only allocate table once payment made so will be simplier. Sam to set up intrabiz for sept/nov sales will need to know no of tables left in order for this to work and may need updating until we take down the online booking form once intrabiz set up I will remove the online form so one way to book/pay for tables...

Stephanie Bettesworth stepped up as First Aid coordinator - Zoe to email across all details/docs etc add her email to branch emailings

George stepped up as Feeding Support co-ordinator to oversee the whole project with help from the branch team, as well as web editor (small role) ZOE look to get an nct email for george for this role.

Annex A: The role and purpose of NCT branches

The purpose of branches is to:

Attract and welcome all local parents-to-be and new parents, enabling them to support each other through developing a range of activities, services and information responsive to local needs, and accessible and appropriate to their local community
Build good relations with other relevant local charities and community organisations and where appropriate, working with health professionals and other local agencies to achieve the aims of the charity
Work closely with other parts of NCT, especially specialist workers and others who deliver NCT’s services to parents and health professionals
Represent parents on relevant local bodies and campaign locally in support of the charity’s aims to achieve improvements for parents to be and new parents
Publicise the work of the charity locally and promote its support through membership and active volunteering in a range of roles within the charity
Raise funds to support the charity’s activities

Branches are the local FACE of the NCT – “Fun, Accessible, Caring and Encouraging” – and aim to reflect these values in their local community

Annex B: Electing a Team member at a Branch annual meeting: guidelines for contested elections

1 Only NCT members are entitled to nominate candidates and vote.

2 Voting should be by ballot.

3 Two tellers should be appointed at the meeting.

4 Those contesting the role should give a short statement at the meeting about why they wish to carry out the role and their suitability for it.

5 The Chair of the meeting should invite any other people attending to comment.

6 If the vote is tied between two candidates, the Chair of the meeting should have a casting vote.

7 If there are more than two candidates, the candidate scoring the lowest number of votes should be eliminated and a second vote taken between remaining candidates, and so on, until one candidate has secured more than half of votes cast

Annual Reports for the year from April 2014 to the end of March 2015

Branch Co-ordinator's Report – Zoë Woodman
The year from April 2014 to the end of March 2015 has been a consistent year, with us continuing to run events and maintain our branch, due to lack of volunteers some have not run as consistently as we would hope but going forward we hope to run these when we can.

We managed to visit every nearly every antenatal course last year with goody bags and provide info to the attendees on what we do locally thanks to Emma our PSC.
We did not run any Looking Ahead evenings, the original plan was once a quarter to ensure enough attendance, but we decided to focus efforts in other areas. IF we can get someone to organise these then they would be a great addition to our events calendar. We have continued using facebook and twitter to reach people and have continued sending Mailchimp emails as an e-stork in the months where there is no NL (May, July, Sept, Nov, Jan, March) to contacts on the NCT database to try to reach more people that are not members or do not take up antenatal course. We also started sending a NNS reminder email the week of the sale also to help boost attendance.

Our main fundraising events, Nearly New Sales and Newsletter, have all been fantastic this year and we need to continue to support these and find new ways to promote the NNS so we can continue to run enjoyable events, publish a wonderful newsletter and raise the money we need to keep branch activities going.

Our income target for the year is £10,000.

Our main aim was to get peer supporter and set up local feeding support but we did not get anyone to lead the co-ordination of this however we have been given the go ahead from UKO to run this for 6 months when it will then be reviewed due to financial constraints. This means we need to keep a tight eye on income and expenditure in order to keep this venture going this financial year. I am extremely pleased that at the end of my term we managed to get this approved and will be involved in the set up etc.

As always our activities are dependent on having enough volunteers to manage so many different activities. As ever, new ideas and offers of help are very welcome!

Looking back at our aims for this past year at our last AMM we have achieved most of them so that’s great work :0) The biggest challenge is to get the BF support up and running now that it has been approved. It is something that many are passionate about and I hope to move forward with peer support training to support Julia at the sessions.

I'd like to thank all of our volunteers and practitioners for the time and effort they give to NCT. It has been a real pleasure to work with you all and chair the branch over the last year. I am stepping down from the branch co-ordinator role however I will be running the sling library so on hand to support someone new in this role. Big thanks to Tammy for running the NNS for the past year as she moves away from the area. She has been instrumental in us being able to make more money in the same space by moving things around to add an extra trade table and seller tables.

As well as branch co-ordinator I have been doing publicity and press, web co-ordinator and other ad hoc bits for the branch due to lack of volunteers.

We still have vacant roles:
Publicity and Press Officer
Social Team
Web co-ordinator (georgina?)
Feeding Support Co-ordinator

We launched the branch email system and this is working well. Having set signatures to pass information along quickly without people having to wait for a reply is helpful.
currently use: (Zoe moving to George?) (Zoe moving to ?) (Pam & Gillian & Sam) (Unmanned automatic reply stating no courses currently) actually publicity.dorking (Aimee) actually psalink.dorking (Zoe) (Sabina moving to Sam)

Nappuvinos (Zoe & George)
We ran 3 last year and had varying attendance, 2-3 couples usually. It’s great to chat to and meet local parents and costs us nothing to run as we use Red Bar, Dene Street. Dates set for this year:
27th April 2015
15th June 2015
7th Sept 2015
2nd Nov 2015

Its been great as both parents have been attending whereas the day sessions previously was only mums attending.
The kits are no longer being managed by Go Real but back under Surrey County Council - waste dept. very little info currently on how they are going to manage the kits going forward. The kit was hired out 5 times last year with each parent going on to use real nappies. Zoe previously looks after the kit. George has the kit and can take it to B&B with her. I do not have time to proactively promote the service other than the nappuvino sessions. We put leaflets into the bags at NNS for the nappuvinos and go onto events in our e-stork email.

Advertising - Emily Malia
Zoe was doing this role along with others and this has been challenging to do with various other roles. Emily took this on for us from the June&July NL.
This is our main revenue into the branch so is key to us running our events and supporting local families.

We have had the sponsor an issue taken up a few times in the past year which is great and need to drive this to raise more funds per issue. No plans to increase charges.

Biggest scope this year is since Persil no longer sponsor the nns nationwide, branches are now able to get local sponsors. Posters for this year’s nns are already printed so its a longer term option from next feb onwards and we would want someone to take on the full 4 sales sponsorship to make things easier to manage. Need to work with the NNS team on pricing this and getting it set up for next year from feb….ie includes goody bag leaflets, trade table or access to those in the queue and their logo on our posters and mentioned in relation to the nns in press and on social media ie our next nns sponsored by xyz is on….

(Emily) As Zoe has stated above, I took this role on a year ago and have really enjoyed getting to grips with the running of the newsletter and nearly new sales. It’s a steep learning curve and lots to take in but it’s been satisfying to help the branch run these as they are vital for our income. I’ve been on maternity leave for the last 3 months but am planning to be back at normal capacity from now on so will hopefully be able to help the branch raise the funds needed this year.

We’ve managed to attract some new advertisers in the last year for both the newsletter and the nns. Sponsoring the newsletter has been popular in the last few issues as well as the advertorials as a way of getting more information out than can be put in a standard advert. I will continue to promote both of these options to advertisers in the coming year as this generates more income than an advert alone.

I will also work on getting sponsorship for the nns as Zoe mentioned above. As well as getting a main sponsor in place for next year we can also try and get sponsorship sorted in the interim for a reduced fee as well as approaching local businesses and our advertisers to provide samples for our goodie bags. Another aim of mine is to continue building a good relationship with our advertisers and local businesses as this is a key part of promoting our branch.

Jude Palmer
Teaching every tuesday evening Signature Course. Under pressure to reduce antenatal times to 6 , 2 hr sessions rather than 7 or 8. result is less time for discussion. NCT research suggests this is what sells. Courses do not fill up quickly in this area unlike neighbouring ones.
Supported 2 couples (3 babies) as a NCT Doula. Enjoying having this influence leading ant courses.
Running waterbirth courses
Supported Zoe (WELL DONE ZOE) in trying to get antenatal sessions up and running in Dorking Surestart centre but currently on hold by NCT HQ.
Vice Chair of East Surrey Maternity Services Liasion Committee. Visiting other trusts to learn from them to help improve services this area has. Doing Walking the patch surveys with parents to get real time feedback.

Fiona Wills
last year ran 6 antenatal courses and 2 refresher courses. I am still busy teaching up in London at the weekends and enjoying my dorking groups!

Christine Foster

Julia Close (BFC)

Membership Co-ordinator & PSA Link – Laura Burrows & Charlie Rose
(Charlie) I took on the membership co-ordinator role in November and have been providing membership info for the newsletter and info for new members since then. This month I have also started sending the e-stork to all those signed up to receive our emails (currently 961 recipients).

We currently have 262 members and 143 member households: the highest recorded membership in the last 12 months. Membership numbers over the course of the year are shown below (no records available for July - November):

NNS Coordinator - Tammy Barnes handed over to Samantha Farrell
NEED TO BOOK 2016 Dates
5/6/2015 DATES booked:
6th Feb 2016
30th April 2016
17th Sept 2016
19th Nov 2016

For 2015 we added 2 dates to each poster (Feb&April, Sept&Nov) to reduce need to put posters up each time and hope they stayed up in locations for both sales featured.
Banners were removed from key locations (Cockerel and north holmwood roundabouts, vincent lane) by the council as not allowed to put them there. Currently have 2 banners.

Need to explore private sites to promote or do more lamposts/traffic lights with laminated A3/A4 posters around town.

Tried the banner across west st for the April 2015 which had all sale dates on it to hopefully get sellers booking also. But had very little increase due to this. No plans to do this again as it was extremely costly but good to try.
The april sale typically has lower attendance, The feb sale was very busy with over 200 through the door

NNS Bookings - Gillian
We’ve been using the new online booking form set up by Zoe - with mainly positive results. Although some people book online and then don’t submit their payment - they don’t let me know me that they no longer want the table, they just don’t make their payment which means I spend time chasing people to check whether they do still want the table. I do give them a deadline for payment but still chase when they miss it as I know things fall between the cracks when small children are involved - think I will have to take a harder line on this and a late payment means you’ll lose your booking if someone else books and pays in the meantime.
Eight tables booked for September sale (though waiting for bank transfer payments for some of them) and a couple booked for November.

SAM & SABINA to add nov onwards onto the intrabiz online system and ZOE to remove online booking form only leave sept option...links to GEORGE to add to the nns page and nns events (need to add next years dates also)
NNS Volunteer Rota - Pamela
I took over the role from Amanda Moss post the September sale so my comments focus on the November 2014 sale and February and April 2015 sales.

Volunteer response for each sale has differed. In November, it took a lot of chasing to get sufficient volunteers for the actual sale and cakes. For February sale, there were no volunteers for bag stuffing and I struggled to get volunteers for the actual sale until the very last minute, although there was an abundance of cakes!! But for April’s sale - we had volunteers coming to us - many of them new faces and for the first time since I took on the role, I did not have to send a second or third request although getting enough cakes was a scramble.

I have re-worked the minimum number of volunteers needed to efficiently run a sale although of course always happy to have more. Ideally have a minimum of 8-9, which includes 2 Leaders, previously it was 11-12 (including 1-2 Leaders). Also, due to the number of cakes being left over at the end of the sale, I now aim for 7-8 cakes whereas before it was a minimum of 10.

Due to a few “blips” that occurred at some of the sales, I have written a brief description for each of the roles (door, large and tea/cakes) that are available on the day, posted at each station. In the future, these will also be emailed to the volunteers when the final rota is sent out.

Volunteers on the door are now responsible for doing a short survey as to how the customers heard about the sale (banner over high street, posters, emails, newsletter, facebook, etc). This will enable us to better understand where our effort and budget needs to be directed when advertising future sales. The results were:

Facebook 25.7%
Stork/EStork 18.1%
NCT website 16.2%
Posters/Flyers 13.3%
Word of Mouth 12.4%
Banner 4.8%
Dorking Advertiser 0%
Other 9.5%

Considering expanding the survey to include 1-2 other questions such as “main item looking for at sale” to better understand what is attracting the buyers to the sales.

Newsletter - Lucy Smith
Standing down from editing the newsletter after 2 years of doing it after the August/September edition. The workload has reduced massively since Amy has started helping out and she has become a great addition to the team. There has been some great contributions from people running local NCT events - thanks to Pam for her NNS updates and Sarah for the Fire Station visits. We would love to have more people helping out to make it a really local newsletter.

Bumps and Babies - Emma, George and Sarah
I have been a Bumps and Babies volunteer since August 2014. Sarah and George have recently joined me. This year we have moved from Burgundy and Black to the show bar in Dorking Halls. This is working well as a venue; they have bolted a playpen to the floor for us. We were also donated lots of toys. The group has grown from non-mobile babies to include mobile babies and toddlers, which has helped to increase attendance at the group and usually have at least 3 attendees each week. I don’t currently keep a note of numbers, but we have had over ten families at one session. We have had taster sessions from Sing and Sign and Tiny Talk and George has brought reusable nappies along to one group, these have all encouraged new people to attend the group. Sarah has been in contact with other classes to see if they would offer tasters.

Parent Support Co-ordinator - Emma W,
We managed to visit all antenatal classes (bar one, i think!) in the last year with help from Aimee and Zoe - THANK YOU :-) and discuss Bumps & Babies, NNS, Sling library, Nappuvino/cino, Dads Bike ride etc

All our collateral has been reprinted to reflect new phone number and email addresses. I currently store all the leaflets at my house but think it would be wise for the NNS team to keep hold of the NNS specific leaflets and posters so they are easily available to them for promoting the sales.

Fire Station Visits – Sarah Ballantyne

I have recently taken over this role from Colleen. So far I have organised one fire station trip with another booked for summer 2015. The trip was arranged for the easter holidays and through the Facebook page the trip got booked up with emails coming in on the morning asking if there were any places left. I really enjoyed the trip and taking my little boy to his first visit to the fire station.

TO BOOK October half term and feb next year half terms

Fire Station visit 2/04/2015. 25. £25

Dad’s Bike Ride – Paul Woodman
These have been running for over 3 years now, once a month (usually third Sunday) in and around the local area. No. attending varies from 0-8 with mostly regular attendees, once someone comes along and I have their email address I email them as we approach the next date. It’s a very enjoyable ride with varying abilities it’s nice to be able to go riding with other locals and we chat about various things including the babies/children etc!

Sling Library – Zoe Woodman
We were able to start hiring slings again in sept 2013 after stopping Dec 2012 due to a national NCT insurance issue. So have a full year of hires.

We have added to the library this year quite considerably extending caboos as we offer a 4 month hire on the stretchy newborn slings of £20 which saves parents buying one. This is proving very popular with most people hiring for 2 wks then extending the hire period.
New additions to the library were:
2 caboo organic, NCT caboo, Caboo DX (bought 2 of these for £20 each from a sling library closing down, rest direct from close parent at library rates), Sleepy Nico (bought at library rate), Beco Gemini, Beco Soleil, Boba 4G (£28 each discounted rate). Ergo360 (bought with 5% discount), Toddler Tula (direct with library discount) plus a boba babywearing fleece and rock-a-thigh socks to show parents very helpful with discussions.

Our lillebaby in navy had an issue on the poppers fabric had broken, this was replaced by the company.
Sold our Boba 3G (£40) as can no longer buy this, was sold to someone who hired from us. And also sold on the pouchlngs MT’s and ring sling (£30 each MT and £20 RS) as not covered by our insurance so making money back on these.
Hired out a total of 99 times this doesn’t include extensions to hires, so a very busy year for the library!

Sling library stock and hires (bare in mind some stock was obtained towards end of the year)
Connecta baby x 2 hired 18
Manduca hired 13
Lillebaby x 2 hired 13
Close caboo organic x 5 hired 10
Tula baby hired 10
Ergo original hired 10
Boba 3G (SOLD) hired 8
Ergo360 hired 5
Emeibaby hired 3
Close NCT x 2 hired 2
Close DX hired 2
Sleepy Nico hired 2
Conneca toddler hired 1
Beco Gemini hired 1
Boba 4G hired 1
Beco Soleil hired 0
Tula Toddler hired 0

There was a sling library survey on the fb group here are the results. Ours are very similar! there is only 1 sling in the top 10 we don’t stock so I feel good about the selection we have to offer parents. If funds are available I would suggest getting an ABC…

Top Ten Uk Hires (from 28 sling libraries)
1 - Connecta
2 - Manduca
3 - Boba 4G (inc 3g as we only just got a new boba recently)
4 - Tula
5 - Ergo
6 - Close caboo
7 - Beco Gemini
8 - Action baby carrier (we don’t stock)
9 - Lillebaby
10 - Beco Soleil

I plan to run the sessions at my home as saves lugging the bags of slings the day and time is likey to change when Charlie is at nursery from October. I do not see the need to buy many slings going forward this year. (already got 2 further caboos this year)

Home Birth Support – Aimee Fairhurst
I have continues to post links and articles on the homebirth FB page and this is reaching some people, one lady got in touch directly for advice on birth pools and said she had been using the information available through facebook.
This year we had some good support from the lead midwife from the community homebirth team when we pulled together some infor the stock newsletter on birth choices, good to re-establish contact and it seems like the team is working well. I have some of their leaflets which it may be good to get out at nns in the packs that go to antenatal classes and does anyone else have any suggestions for using them?

Just to flag I am happy to continue offering advice on an adhoc basis to people who get in touch and to maintain the facebook page but i am really limited on time so can’t really do more - if anyone else wants to add anything or do something more proactive, please feel free to get in touch!

Treasurer Report – Sabina Marshman
Thank you to the Dorking team for the support they have given me in the role this year, and well done for the great fundraising efforts.

General comments
The Branch has generated £6,151.38 (2013/14: £5,328.32) of income for the NCT. This is an increase of 15% or £823.06 compared to the prior year. After all activity specific expenses including our branch sharing payments to NCT centrally we had a surplus of £515.11 (2013/14: deficit of £1,452.38). This expenditure was invested in parent support (stationery, equipment, postage & printing), newsletter (mainly printing) and fundraising activities, such as venue hire for NNS.

Our total income was £10,493.69 (2013/14: £10,440.19), consistent with the prior year, despite not running any First Aid courses.

Our major income sources have been:-
advertising revenue generated by the newsletter totalling £4,241.00 (prior year: £4,440.25)
fundraising from four Nearly New Sales totalling with revenue totalling £4,600.25 (PY: £4,384.39)
first aid courses with proceeds totalling - we did not run any first aid courses this year (PY: £1,217.50)
Teas on the Green £313.10 (did not attend last year)
Waitrose Green Tokens £413.00
Sling library £775.64 (did not run last year)

Other income has been generated through firestation visits.

Our total expenditure was £9,978.58 (2013/14: £11,892.57), with £5,636.27 (2013/14: £6,780.70) going to NCT head office work. The rest of the expenditure went towards local branch work and related directly to particular events with necessary costs were kept to a minimum.

The breakdown of expenses associated to parent support (total expenditure of £927.33 (PY: £668.13), deficit of £151.69 (PY: £466.66)) is mainly:
Sling library equipment: £498.21 (PY: £432.41)
Bumps & Babies: £35.00
Nappucino / Nappuvino: £82.72
InKind Direct - welcome packs £53.00
New Neighbours: £30
Business cards printing: £144
Breast pump flyers: £45

We also incurred a cost of £750 to print new leaflets as our emails / phone numbers had changed.

Restricted Reserves
Branches no longer pay for teacher training, so our restricted reserves for funding students will now be administered by UKO. We continue to hold £249.86. Per the 2012/2013 AMM notes, this has been approved for peer support detailed in our plans for 2013/14. At the end of the financial year 2013/2014, we were asked by HO auditors to provide back-up documentation for the restricted reserves, which we could not find. HO have not been in touch about this again and there has been communication with other treasurers that restricted reserves can be used for other projects. We are planning on using the amount we have left for the feeding support group, that will start running from June / July.

Please see attached branch report PDF and branch AMM word document for more detailed information

The figure at the top of our AMM Report "The branch has generated £6,151.38 for NCT" is made up like this:

The Surplus/Deficit of all of your Core Activities (top table in the Report): +£515.11
plus UK Office contributions (including Branch Sharing which is
beyond 70/30 Transfer of Funds) +£5,636.27
plus the difference between Opening and Closing balance of your
Restricted Reserve (as these are funds gained from outside NCT) + £0

The 70 % are the Branch Transfer of Funds £5,163.60. This is calculated on our net Fundraising, Newsletter and Parent Support activities. The Parent Support runs at a loss, Newsletter generated £2,593.68, Fundraising raised £4,782.90 (including Donations and other income) = £7376.58.

Our branch paid Branch Sharing of £472.67 on top of the Transfer of Funds. The Sharing are funds that are calculated when there is a high cash book balance at the end of a Quarter which exceeds the funds needed locally.

Be aware that the 10k spent includes the UKO contributions. The Transfer of Funds of this are calculated quite clearly along the 70/30 lines, but the Branch Sharing can be a bit "random", as it takes the cash book (not bank!) balance at the end of a Quarter as its starting point. This can be a little unbalanced sometimes and - unlike the Transfer of Funds - the Sharing is not "equalled out" over the Year.

We ended up with a surplus of “only £515.11” in the top table because we paid high Returns to UKO. So the £6k figure at the top is a more accurate (and uplifting!) reflection of what happened financially.”

Dorking (453) 2014/15 (01.04.2014 to 31.03.2015)
Prepared by Sabina Marshman
The branch has generated £6,151.38 for NCT so far this year
Income/Expenditure by Core Activity
Parent support
Nearly New Sales
The Big Push

Cheeky Monkeys tea parties

Baby first aid courses

Baby shows

Other fundraising
Newsletters and guides
NCT trading

Maternity services

Research networking




General publicity


Region and other branches

NCT Head Office

General Reserves

Opening balance
Closing balance
Restricted Reserves
Grant awarding body/donor
Project purpose
Opening unspent balance
Closing unspent balance
CAF on behalf of Exxon Mobil
Breastfeeding Counsellor Training

Head Office Contribution
Transfer of Funds
Nearly New Sale April 2014
Fire Station Visit August 2014

Teas on the Green
Nearly New Sale September 2014
Nearly New Sale November 2014
Nearly New Sale February 2015
Stork - April 2014
Stork - June 2014
Stork - August 2014
Stork - October 2014
Stork - December 2014
Stork - February 2015
Local Activities
Local Activity
Breast Feeding Bangles

Bumps & Babies

Crawlers & Walkers


Sling Library
Webshop (Internet Shopping)

Website Advertising

Members of Branch

One of the big changes in Intrabiz is that we are now able to set up, sell and take payments for general branch events online (e.g. NNS, baby first aid). This will replace the need for any third party tool (we have been using EventBrite for FA courses) and NNS sellers can pay online, instead of paying for their tables by cheque.
This means that we can capture and process funds immediately and allocating them should be straight forward, making the process a lot easier.
The system is already in place for FA courses and we can use it for our next NNS in September.

Breast Pump Agent – Julia Close

First Aid Co-ordinator – Vacant
None ran last year

Web Co-ordinator/social media – Zoe
I do bits of this on facebook and twitter, fb and twitter are linked so post on fb and auto-tweets it and links onto our homepage on the nct site. I have edited the NCT website this past year but very little needs updating so its very low workload and easy to do. I have passed this onto George to manage going forward. The main workload was removing the old emails and old phone number and adding the new ones.

We have a few admins on the fb page who can post:
Sarah B
Emma Wingrave
Jude (teacher)
Angie (re courses)

I have used the scheduling function for Bumps&babies up until sept (can only go 6month ahead). So one post day before and one on the day.
We now have 559 likers on our page which is massive move on from last year of 350. This is from boosting our posts which we have done a few times this year.

Promoted 6 events:
April nns - Engagement 40, reach 3105 total £30 for 3 wks
Nappuvino march - 2, 1820, £12.72
Feb nns - 36, 10,113, £20 for 2 wks
TOG August - 9, 241, 87p
Sling library july - 6, 2448, £4.97
Nappuvino july - 6, 1311 £3

It is very complex to work out how to get the best out of fb and boosting posts, as so many options. You can select friends of friends who like the page, or select a specific demographic ie 10miles from dorking aged 20-50 etc.
The best was the feb sale but despite spending more for the April sale it didn’t reach as many people but has higher engagement so presumable was more relevant for that group it did reach. there are many tools and statistics and reports you can look at to maximise it but it's very lengthy.

It was agreed to use this for advertising the NNS’s each time...but not for other events.
sharing funny meme’s do often increase our reach so I try to post a variety of links etc from various parenting pages.

The biggest event for us reach wise was TIllings cafe poster it went viral shared loads and clicks to our page was over 35,000!! It made all the news outlets inc the independent, the mirror, the daily mail, and tweeted to over 50k people by some high profile news outlets and media people. Big thanks to Jude for her help with this as it was pretty mental trying to keep up with things on the page! Luckily the majority was positive with only a few posts needing deleting. Jude and I visited Tillings and were featured on BBC Surrey radio too!
Our page is mostly inactive with not many posts other than those we put on so this was a big learning!

FB continue to play with the visibility of posts, multiple posts a day means less people see it and time of day can impact it too, sometimes links decrease views other times increases it. Often a photo or pic increases it!

People need to interact with the page in order for posts to show in their feed. Or people need to select to receive all notifications. It is a fairly quiet page not much interacting on there, ie people asking questions etc making it easy to admin.

I have been sending the e-stork via mail chimp, every other month that there is no NL, this goes to all on the NCT database against Dorking. This gives us stats of delivery rate, open rate an engagement showing which links clicked on. This way we know if people are receiving the emails unlike those sent from the email addresses.The database stays on mailchimp and is refreshed each time from the nct database but this way those who unsubscribe don’t reappear and means we can build the database by adding people who opt in via links in our emails and from fb etc.

We have also send a separate NNS one a few days before the sale to boost attendance.
March15 973 subscribers 293 opened 30.6% 4 clicks
Jan15 982 286 30.4% 6
Nov14 908 233 26.6% 3
Sept14 896 265 30.8% 6
July14 934 195 24.3% 18 (was link to activites pdf)
May14 884 270 31.9% 4

Going forward this will sit with charlie as membership coordinator to send focusing on events and recruiting volunteers. Lots of scope to change the format and work with it.