Breast Pump Hire - Dorking

NOTE: we only hire locally in and around the Surrey area, if you require a pump and are not in this area please contact NCT enquiries on 0300 330 0700 and they will be able to find your nearest breast pump agent.


You may hire an ‘Elite’ (a hospital-grade dual electric breast pump) from our local Dorking NCT Breastfeeding counsellor Julia. 

Ameda 'Elite' breast pump

The Elite pump has independently adjustable vacuum levels and cycle speeds to enable you to simulate your baby’s nursing patterns and create effective stimulation at your own comfort.

Please email Julia to arrange a hire.

The hirer will be charged for:

  • Hire of the Elite (equipment belongs to Ardo medical Ltd).
  • Purchase of own personal milk collection set (‘Clinic PumpSet’). Please note that all Ardo milk collection sets are BPA (bisphenol A) free and incorporate VacuuSeal technology, a closed collection system, which is 100% effective against contamination.

Price Scheme

Hire charge is £1.40 per day for a minimum hire period of 7 days (for longer hires, it becomes cheaper, see below). ARDO offer a reduced rate of 70p per day while your baby is still in hospital or if you are on income support. If baby is still in hospital, initial advance payment will be agreed with breast pump agent at time of hire, and adjusted later as appropriate.

Purchase of one Clinic PumpSet  (bottle, tubing & breast-shell) is £11, but you may purchase a second set for just £6.50 – i.e. £17.50 for both sets.

NB If you intend to do duel expressing (more time efficient), you will need to purchase TWO Clinic PumpSets.


Summary of most common packages:

7 day standard hire including 1 milk collection set £20.80

7 day hire including 2 milk collection sets £27.30

30 day hire including 1 milk collection set £47

30 day hire including 2 milk collection sets £53.50

30 day continuation hire £26 (i.e. after initial 30 day hire complete).

The Clinic PumpSet(s) remain property of the hirer once the hire is over. Hirers may also like to consider buying an Amaryl Kombikit (£9.95), which can convert a Clinic PumpSet into a single manual breastpump, for occasional pumping, once hire of a hospital grade pump is no longer required.

Alternatively, you may prefer to purchase a personal breast pump outright.  There are many of these on the market, and generally speaking none will be as efficient or adjustable as a hospital grade pump.  However ARDO have used their years of experience to produce two excellent personal pumps; the Amaryll manual breast pump (£27.50), or the Calypso electric breast pump (£119.00).  Both these pumps come with one collection set, although the Calypso has the potential to be converted into a dual pump.








You may also purchase various breastfeeding accessories such as ARDO Tulips nipple shields, ARDO GoldCream Nipple Cream and Baby Cups via our breastpump agent.

For more information on any of these pumps, please visit


Amaryll manual breast pump

The Amaryll manual breastpump


Calypso electric breast pump

The Calypso electric breastpump


Terms and conditions for hire
- The hirer will pay in advance for the set or accessories and hire charge of at least 7 days.
- The hirer will pay an agreed daily rate charge, (part of a day to be counted as a full day), all payments in advance.
- The hirer will handle the pump with utmost care and pay Ardo medical Ltd list price for damaged, non-returned parts or loss of pump.
- The hirer will return the pump as received together with electric lead, carrying case and polystyrene inner. An additional charge will be made if the pump is returned incomplete, damaged or require cleaning. The accessory set remains the property of the hirer.
- The hirer will inform Ardo medical Ltd immediately of a change in residence during the hire period.
- The hirer will note that the Dorking NCT breast pump agent is a volunteer.
- The breastpump remains the property of Ardo medical Ltd at all times.
- The hirer will not remove the breastpump from the UK without permission of Ardo medical Ltd.
- The hirer shall not permit the breastpump to be used by any other person.
- The hirer acknowledges that the breastpump and accessories have been received in good condition.
- All payments must be made via the Dorking NCT breast pump agent (not direct to Ardo medical Ltd). Cheques must be made payable to Ardo medical Ltd with the cheque card number on the back. 
- The hirer will provide proof of identity and address.
- The hirer will contact the breast pump agent by the agreed return date to advise whether or not you are continuing the pump hire.
- All hirers are deemed to have accepted the above Terms and Conditions of breastpump hire.