Doula Service - Dorking Area

I get enormous pleasure from giving the mother and partner support before, during and after a birth however their birth journey may unfold. There is nothing better than seeing a mum feel she has had a positive birth experience and it is a great start to family life for all. Having experienced 3 very different labour and births myself and been at births in hospitals, birth centres and at home I know the value of great support.

As your doula I would meet up with you up to three times before the birth so that we can get to know each other and talk about everything labour, birth and baby. I am also a NCT Antenatal Teacher and good at empowering people in how amazing a women's body is to make and birth to a baby, explaining the various choices that parents often have to make and what to expect postnatally. These pre-birth meetings are great opportunities to explore hopes and fears, talk through birth plans and find out the answers to questions you really wanted to ask or had not considered. I also spend time supporting you and any partner in finding and practising the techniques that will help enhance your natural abilities during labour for example, breathing and relaxation techniques, massage, positions. I have strong links to several local hospitals and have just finished working with East Surrey Hospital to create a lovely new birth centre and I am just about to start a project working with midwives there to make home birth more accessible.


As soon as you book me, if anything comes up during pregnancy, I am available for support by text, email or phone and always work with a lovely back up doula. As your birth day nears, I go 'on call' for you. When you go into labour I can join you whenever you feel you need me, wherever that may be. I will stay and be your consistent reassuring support throughout labour and birth and the first few hours with a new baby or babies. During labour I help create a relaxing birth environment, make sure there is good communication between health professionals and you, provide practical support in terms of helping you work with your labour and most importantly make sure you feel safe and private so that you can get on with the important stuff. I like to stay and ensure mother, partner and baby(ies) are settled and the first feeds have happened. My support of a partner may be slightly different but is no less important. My role is to support whoever you choose to have with you so that they can totally focus on you, they feel part of the experience and know what to do. If you choose not to have a partner with you that's fine too. During the first week or so after your birth we meet up again to catch up, share stories and I can offer any support you may need. I have been described by clients as being nurturing, calm, knowledgeable, positive and with a great sense of humour. Every birth is unique and so are your requirements of a doula. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Comments from previous families include: 'I had a very difficult first birth and it took me a long time to make the decision about who I wanted to support me this time around. I am so glad I chose to have a doula and it was Jude. I knew I had made the right decision when I opened the door the first time and her cake definitely clinched it! Knowing she was going to be there meant I was able to let go. Such a different birth. I feel reborn.' Mother of 2, Hospital Birth

'My partner and I found Jude to have a wealth of knowledge about birthing and thanks to Jude's encouragement and constant support during the pregnancy, being a first time mother I felt fearless, confident and empowered to be able to give my son the birth experience I wanted for him. After 17 hours of all natural labour I gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing a larger than expected 8.13lbs with absolutely no complications. I would highly recommend Jude for a support to both Mother and Father, she tuned into my every need and was great at helping my partner do this too. Thanks to them both I have had the best birth experience I could have ever wished for.' Mother of 1, Stand alone Birth Centre

'You bought positivity into the room' Grandmother

Contact Jude on 01306 731120 or 07946 637584 or