Get Involved! - Dorking

Volunteers, parents and expectant parents just like you, run our branch. You don’t need to take on huge tasks, just commit whatever time you can or your previous experience and skills. It is a great way to learn new skills, make new friends, and represent the NCT. Get in touch and get involved.  email us   


Do you want to make use of your talents, make new friends and help the NCT at the same time? We are currently looking for people to take on a variety of roles within Dorking NCT – perhaps one of them is for you?! Please do consider volunteering as it is only through people like you that the branch can continue to function so well.

All branch members and volunteers live in or around Dorking, and branch meetings are held on a weekday evening, roughly every 5 or 6 weeks, at a member's house. They are fairly relaxed and enjoyable affairs, fuelled by tea, coffee, wine and biscuits, with plenty of laughs as well as brainstorming and decision-making. You don't need to attend every one.
So, if you want to make new friends, do something worthwhile, wake up your brain or add to your CV, why not give this a whirl? The time commitment varies from post to post, so if you are interested call any committee member to find out more. All posts are open to job-sharing.

Advertising Co-ordinator

This requires being the point of contact for those companies who advertise in the Stork and in the NNS goodie bags.  I spend about an hour before each Stork edition asking previous/potential advertisers if they want to be featured (many sign up for the whole year) and then send the spreadsheet with the details of advertising space bought to the editor.  Then I email advertisers a pdf copy of the newsletter  I do a similar thing for the NNS goodie bags, but only 4 times a year. 

 Takes approx 2 hrs a month 



Nearly New Sale team
This involves helping organise our Nearly New Sales, putting up publicity, bag-stuffing and helping on the day whenever possible.  It may be as little as an hour or two every few months and you can do as much as or as little as you can.  We currently need more people for the Nearly New Sale team.