Home Birth Support - Dorking

Hi! I'm Lizzie, the Home Birth Support for Dorking NCT this role is brilliant for me because I love to share how fantastic home birth can be, and am happy to point you in the direction of additional support that's available for you to make an informed choice about where to give birth.


If you are interested in talking to someone other than your midwife about home birth you're really welcome to get in touch with me to discuss how things went for our family and I will do my best to answer any questions that you have, or point you in the right direction. I really believe that home birth is a fantastic choice and would urge you to talk through all your options in detail with people who have different points of view before you decide where to give birth.

Your NCT antenatal teacher will also be able to give you the low down on what the different choices are in terms of location for giving birth so make sure you quiz them! It's never too late to book in for a home birth even if you have already opted for birthing unit or labour ward. I think that the deciding factor for me was knowing that I would have a midwife dedicated solely to my care to support me throughout labour and two midwives present at the birth - a level of care that couldn't be guaranteed in the busy local hospital ward. That, along with knowing I would be in the comfort of my own home, be in control of my environment to boost the all important oxytocin levels, and curl up in my own bed for cuddles with my baby straight away, were all great reasons to birth at home!

I always say to women who are considering a home birth but aren't 100% convinced that they should book in for one, because ultimately when it comes to being in labour if you aren't feeling comfortable you can always go into hospital, but there isn't the same choice the other way around unless you are comfortable birthing without a midwife present.

I run a Facebook group 'Dorking Home Birth Support' where I try to share links, stories and anything I come across that I think looks interesting in relation to home birth. If you're not on Facebook but are interested in finding out more please get in touch and I can always email you some information. email: homebirth.dorking@nct.org.uk Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/227579450699516/?fref=ts

Here are a few useful links, which may be of interest to you whether or not you think home birth is the right choice for you: - The Positive Birth Movement: http://www.positivebirthmovement.org - Tell Me a Good Birth Story is a database of positive birth stories, and they can put you in touch with a 'birth buddy' who is matched according to your needs/context and can help support you in your choices: http://tellmeagoodbirthstory.com

See below for some information about the support available locally from the brilliant Community Midwives at East Surrey, and here's a link to their website: http://www.surreyandsussex.nhs.uk/our-services/a-z-of-services/maternity...



Hello, my name is Babs Haiselden and I am a midwife. I am the lead for the homebirth team. We make up a team of core midwives and the community midwives. This means that there is a core midwife based at the hospital and the community midwives rotate into the unit to become the other half of the homebirth team. This allows for two midwives to attend a homebirth. I would like to add here that I have a very dedicated team. The option of a homebirth will be discussed at your booking appointment. Your midwife will then refer you to the homebirth team or you can refer yourself. We are always happy to hear from you even if it is just to find out about what a homebirth entails.

There is a SASH website with our contact details or you can speak to your midwife or NCT lead. When we have a referral we make contact to inform you that we will visit you in your home from thirty four weeks of your pregnancy. This visit includes a risk assessment, guidance, information and a discussion of your birth ideas and where in the house you wish to have your baby. This empowers you to make informed choices. Birthing I believe is a partnership where we work together to help you achieve the birth experience you would like and like all partnerships honesty and openness is vital so that the best individualised care can be planned for you. We continue to see you at home for your antenatal checks until you deliver. This fits in with the team’s ethos that we should continue to see you in the environment where you hope to have your baby.

Why choose a home birth? You are in an environment that you feel comfortable in. Familiar surroundings help you feel in control. Home is a place where you feel safe and relaxed. All these help promote normal birth. It may be you had a good experience with a previous delivery in hospital and feel home is the best place next time or it may be that it was a difficult experience and you think home would be best next time. The cosiness and familiarity of being at home surrounded by the people you wish to be there and the midwives dedicated to caring for you can be the most wonderful and fulfilling of experiences. Caring for the women and their families, listening to the different birth experiences and striving to make their first or subsequent birth the best it can be is what makes my job as a midwife so satisfying and worthwhile