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  • Nearly New Sale, Saturday 15th October 2016 (Tables go on sale 3rd September here)

Large items - (you don't need a table to enter large items for sale) - contact to get more details and reserve a space..

More Information and Table Bookings HERE

Nearly New Sales – How to sell

At Hants North East branch, we run table top Nearly New Sales several times a year. These are great places to sell the baby items you’ve finished with, and make a few pounds in time for buying the next size of clothes or the next age group of toys! The NCT provides the venue and publicity, and families hire a table, prepare their items for sale, bring them along and sell them on the day.

Sounds good! How can I book a table?

To book a table, you need to look at the listings to find a sale that’s near you, and that is on a day you can make. Enter your postcode to see the sales in your area or click on the "Events" tab above. Next, on the booking day, please click on the link provided which will take you to our online booking page where you will be able to buy your table directly. Tables cost £15 although in some venues we do have Premium Tables (usually ones in front of a stage, therefore giving you more display room) which are £20.00.  There is often a very high demand for tables, so we have a well-advertised ‘booking date’ for each sale when we start taking bookings. This is usually about five weeks before the sale. If you’re not successful at getting a table at this sale, there will be several others across the area throughout the year.

What happens to things that don’t fit on or near my table?

For large items, such as pushchairs, double buggies, cots, highchairs, etc, we run a Large Items area. You need to request a form to book your item in. Prepare the item for sale and then bring it on the morning of the sale. Once it’s checked in, it’s put up for sale. Signs are displayed to direct buyers to the Large Items area so they have plenty of time to browse and make their purchases. At the end of the sale, you need to return to the Large Items area to collect the proceeds or your unsold goods. To sell a large item, please email  

Can I sell a large item even if I’ve not been able to get a table?

Yes, you can book in a large item even if you’re not a stallholder. In fact, many people prefer to sell their large items at one sale, and then have a table at the next. What do you mean when you say ‘prepare your items for sale’? The NCT runs Nearly New Sales, and the quality of the items you sell need to fit that category i.e. they are used items, but of a high quality – they are ‘nearly new’. You’ll no doubt have boxes of clothes/toys/equipment, but you’ll need to go through them and choose items that you think will sell. Don’t bring anything that’s broken or damaged, or has pieces missing, or any clothing that looks rough or bobbly. You’ll probably need to give your items a wash/iron or a wipe over. You'll also need to label your items with the size/age range and the price. If you are a first time seller, this page may be useful.

I understand I need to have the instruction manual to sell my pushchair, but I've mislaid mine. Where can I get hold of a copy?

Try looking on this page of the Mothercare website: There are links to manuals for pushchairs, car seats, highchairs, cotbeds, wardrobes - you name it! You should be able to download the relevant one and print it out.

I’m not ready to sell my items yet but I’d like to get involved to see a sale at first hand.

All our sales need volunteers to help run them. We need people to set out the tables, put the stall numbers on, make teas and coffees at the refreshment stall, work in the Large Items area, and move the tables back afterwards. If you’ve got an hour or two free, we’d be delighted to have you on the team. Contact your area Parent Support Co-ordinator, or drop us a line at