NCT Helplines



One-to-One Helpline

0300 330 0700

Staffed by qualified NCT practitioners that can help with:

  • Feeding your baby
  • Course information
  • Pregnancy, birth and life with a new baby


Shared Experiences Helpline

0300 330 0700 (Option 3, then Option 3)

Supports parents who are experiencing specific difficulites or worries during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.  Speak to a volunteer who has gone through a similar experience and is able to offer understanding and a listening ear.


Postnatal Line

0300 330 0773

Speak to a trained NCT postnatal leader who can provide information and support onf the emotional, physical and socal changes involved in the trasition to parenthood.


All lines are open Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, except Tuesday 9am-6pm.  The breastfeeding line (Option 1) is open every day from 8am-midnight.