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Baby Cafe

Details about Cafés in Oxford including Changes

During February 2017 a number of changes are being made to Baby Cafés in Oxford due to funding cuts. Some session days are changing. We will be open for four sessions a week throughout the city.

The Baby Café Timetable is here.

The Baby Cafe Website with more information, including how to make a donation is here.

Baby Cafe

Café Locations

East Oxford Baby Café

East Oxford Children's Centre, Collins Street, Oxford, OX4 1EE

Grandpont Baby Café

Grandpont Children's Centre, 47 White House Road, Oxford, OX1 4HQ

Jericho Baby Café 

Jericho Health Centre, New Radcliffe House, Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6NW

Donnington Doorstop Baby Café 

Donnington Doorstep Family Centre, Townsend Square, Oxford, OX4 4BB


General Information

No appointment needed: There are some closures eg. over the Christmas period but we usually run every week. All pregnant or breastfeeding mums are welcome to drop in at any time during opening hours. You can bring your partner too. Baby Café drop-in centres are generally open once a week and set out with coffee tables, comfy sofas and play areas for accompanying toddlers.

Run by trained staff: Baby Café drop-ins are run by health professionals such as midwives, health visitors, or lactation consultants. Baby Café Local drop-ins may be run by healthcare practitioners (e.g. healthcare assistant, nursery nurse or maternity support worker) or breastfeeding counsellors from the voluntary breastfeeding organisations.

Help with every aspect of breastfeeding: Help is available on all aspects of breastfeeding and its impact on daily life – from starting to stopping and all the variations in between.

In a relaxed, informal atmosphere you can: 

• Chat to other mums and build your confidence. 

• Get one-to-one help from specially trained staff 

• Look at books, leaflets and DVDs 

• And enjoy some tasty refreshments.

For more information, please visit The Baby Café website here. 

The Baby Café Guarantee: Our name and trade mark is The Baby Café. All genuine Baby Café drop-in centres which are registered with us are listed here and will display their Licence Certificate during the Baby Café session. You can expect all these to be run to the same high standards.

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