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Little Book of Breastfeeding cover

Stockport NCT is thrilled to announce the publication of Stockport's very own Little Book of Breastfeeding

The 52-page colour A5 book aims to support parents by sharing real life experiences of breastfeeding and giving tips, advice and further sources of support. We intend the book to be a unique and practical tool providing down to earth moral support to breastfeeding mums and those considering breastfeeding.

Over twenty mums and dads have contributed a wide range of real-life, vivid and moving stories about breastfeeding, and expressed milk feeding and mixed feeding of their children. Further information has been provided by Breastfeeding Counsellors Annie Simmonite and Maria Novelly, and Breastfeeding Consultant Midwife at Stepping Hill Hospital Sarah McKie.

“My hat goes off to you and your branch. Have just sat here and read the whole book, cover to cover. I laughed, I cried, I’ve become inspired. Thank you for reminding me why I became a Breastfeeding Counsellor.”

- NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor, North Wales

We have produced a print run of 1000 copies to start off with, which we will distribute to new parents in the Stockport area, and the booklet is also available for download here.

Download the Little Book of Breastfeeding (pdf)

Please note: this book is provided for the use of individual parents and parents-to-be and may not be reproduced, or used for any commercial purpose, without the permission of Stockport NCT. Please contact us via the link on our branch home page for further information.

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