Helplines - Thurrock

Pregnancy & Birth Line -               0300 330 0772         0300 330 0772

10am to 8pm, Monday to Friday

You can call our Pregnancy & Birth Line if you have questions about issues relating to your pregnancy or birth, or if you want to chat about your experiences with a fully qualified antenatal teacher.

Breastfeeding Line -               0300 330 0771         0300 330 0771

8am–10pm, seven days a week

Call our Breastfeeding Line to talk to a qualified breastfeeding counsellor for information and support to help you breastfeed successfully.

Enquiries Line -               0300 33 00 770         0300 33 00 770  

9am–5pm, Monday–Thursday; 9am–4pm on Friday

You can call our Enquiries Line to find out more about our local and national services for parents, and to find out more about accessing your local NCT branch.

If you are seeking advice on a potential employment rights grievance connected with your pregnancy please press 5 and you will be diverted at no extra charge to a confidential helpline provided by Russell Jones & Walker Solicitors.

NEW! Early Days Line -               0300 330 0773         0300 330 0773

9am-1pm, Monday to Friday. 

You can call our Early Days line to speak to one of our postnatal leaders if you have any questions about life with a new baby.

Ask NCT Experts

You can also submit a question to the NCT's small panel of volunteers who may be able to help you with your pregnancy, birth and babycare questions.