Alex Tatton-Brown is our breast pump agent.

It is best practice for every branch to have a Breast Pump Agent. Pump Agents must be NCT members for insurance purposes and because they act on behalf of the charity. All volunteers are covered by the conditions of the Volunteer Policy & Charter.

Encouraging and supporting mothers who wish to breastfeed their babies is very important to the NCT and there are occasions when mothers might find a breast pump useful, such as for premature babies, babies unable to feed easily or for continuing breastfeeding when returning to work. The NCT has joined forces with specialist companies providing breast pumps for hire to cater for this.

The Pump Agent:

  • offers a hire service from her own home, arranging collection/delivery of pumps to hirers by arrangement.

A successful Pump Agent is well organised and approachable and understands the needs of breastfeeding mothers. Being the Pump Agent is interesting and very worthwhile.

Time Commitment

The NCT Volunteer & Member Profile 2008 showed that 47% of volunteers spent up to 2 hours in a typical week and a further 42% spent 2 to 8 hours on their volunteering. Depending on how proactive the individual Pump Agent chooses to be, the time spent on hiring pumps ranges from 1- 4 hours a month.

Full Details

For full details see the role description on Babble, the NCT intranet (you will need your NCT membership number to log on).


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