We offer a breast pump hire service for hospital grade electric pumps (Ardo and Medela) that mimic the sucking behaviour of babies (rapid and light suckling at the beginning of a breastfeed in order to stimulate the milk ejection reflex, which then changes over to the slower, deeper suck in order to maximise milk flow).

Mothers might decide to express breastmilk for a variety of reasons, such as to increase overall milk supply once breastfeeding is established, to supplement an infant who is having difficulty latching on, or to provide breastmilk for her baby during times when they are be separated. 

Mothers wishing to hire a breast pump may do so by contacting the following volunteer agents:

Ardo Pumps

Heather Kale (01225) 424 471

Ardo Pump Hire

£8.40 per week (reduced fee available with proof of income support or when a baby is in hospital – please enquire with pump agent), plus one-off charge of £10 for eco collection set (or £16 for two if dual pumping).

Pump hire is payable in advance (non-refundable.)

After initial 30-day hire has been completed, continuing hire for subsequent 30-day period is £26.00.

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