We offer a breastfeeding counselling service for those who need support with this. If there is anything you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to contact Sarah, our fantastic breastfeeding counsellor:

Alternatively, you can contact:

  • Amy Moss: 07855 478427
  • NCT Breastfeeding Helpline: 0300 330 0771

Breastfeeding Drop-In Service Our breastfeeding counsellor also runs a drop-in service at the Biggleswade Youth Centre, adjacent to Biggleswade Academy on Wednesday afternoons 1.30-3pm (Commencing from Wednesday 30th October 2019)

About Breastfeeding Women have been breastfeeding their babies for thousands of years. However, while breastfeeding is natural, it does not always come naturally. It takes time for mother and baby to learn this new skill. Next time you sign your name, remember that you were once a small child struggling to hold a pencil, and you will appreciate how practice really does make perfect. Breastmilk is tailor-made and provides everything needed to nourish your baby postnatally, just as the placenta did antenatally. Many mothers find they need support while learning to breastfeed. Almost all feeding problems can be solved or avoided with the right information and encouragement. Getting the right support can make all the difference, so please do ask for help, rather than struggling on alone.

About NCT Breastfeeding Counsellors NCT breastfeeding counsellors are all mothers who have breastfed their own babies. They know how worthwhile breastfeeding can be, but they are also aware of the help and support that many women need. They are trained to be informative, positive, sympathetic and supportive to enable all mothers to make informed choices about feeding their babies. They do not offer medical advice. All NCT breastfeeding counsellors are volunteers who answer calls from home. Their services are free and they are available around the clock. They may be able to visit you in your own home. Please remember that although they feel privileged to be asked to support you, they may sometimes be limited by their own family duties.

Note Our antenatal teachers, breastfeeding counsellors and postnatal leaders undergo a thorough training with the NCT although they are not required to be medically qualified. All teachers, counsellors and leaders are expected to keep up to date with the latest developments in maternity care and must register with us every year. Their role is to offer support, information, practical skills and resources to help parents make informed choices for themselves and their babies. They do not offer medical advice and parents are asked to take any questions about the medical care of mother and baby to their midwife, health visitor or doctor.

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