One To One Breastfeeding Advice

NCT breastfeeding counsellors are all mothers who have breastfed their babies. They know how worthwhile and enjoyable breastfeeding can be, but they are also aware of the help and support that many new mothers need. They offer support with feeding your baby whether you breastfeed, bottle feed or do a mixture of the two.

If you would like to have one to one breastfeeding advice the branch can put you in touch with an NCT breastfeeding counsellor.  Please call the enquiry line on 0844 243 6336 or email

What NCT breastfeeding counsellors offer

Breastfeeding isn't always easy and many mums are taken by surprise if they find that they run into difficulties. Sometimes mothers can encounter physical and practical problems. For all first time mothers breastfeeding is a new and sometimes challenging experience. NCT breastfeeding counsellors help women to overcome concerns, whether large or small, and to feel comfortable with breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding counsellors are there to listen to any mother who wants to contact them and to share her problems. Their job is to encourage mothers to talk freely about their feeding experiences and to be sensitive to the mothers' needs. All these discussions are treated strictly in confidence and the counsellor is trained to try to understand what a mother may not always be able to describe easily.

New mothers find support from all sorts of people; family, friends, health professionals. Many new families value NCT's trained breastfeeding counsellors who offer mother to mother support, information and counselling where appropriate. NCT's breastfeeding counsellors are trained to be flexible in their attitudes to baby feeding and to be positive and supportive to all mothers whether they choose to breastfeed or ultimately decide to bottle feed. Their role is not to advise or tell a mother what to do, but to help to build a breastfeeding mum's confidence in her own ability to cope and to help her to make her own decisions with the benefit of information.

Breastfeeding counsellors can help by:

  • enabling a mum to consider the advantages of breastfeeding
  • assisting a mum to successfully breastfeed by observing a baby's feeding position
  • offering a range of solutions to difficulties so that she can decide what is best for her and her baby
  • giving information to dads, who also need a chance to explore their feelings about breastfeeding
  • giving support and encouragement to mums enabling them to share experiences and learn from each other through open house meetings

Sometimes breastfeeding mothers or their babies may need medical attention. While the NCT's breastfeeding counsellors are not medically qualified, they are trained to know when mothers should seek professional advice and can encourage mums to establish good relationships with their local health professionals.

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