Our breastpump hire volunteer, Jane, has 2 Ameda elite pumps for hire, and 1 Ameda SMB for hire.    The cost of hire is £1.20 per day, or 70p per day with proof of income support or if your baby is in hospital. Hiring may be subsidized by local funds if they are available. 

30 days and 1 eco milk collection set


30 days and 2 eco milk collection sets


30 days hire and no collection set


Continuing month


1 eco milk collection set, when taken with pump


2 eco milk collection sets, when taken with pump


 If you would like to hire a breastpump, or would like more information, then please contact Jane on 0844 243 6219, press option 5. You can also email her on janegoodyear@btinternet.com

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