Once you have become a parent, the monthly parents’ yahoo groups provide a useful social and support network. The groups are made up of Islington residents whose babies are born around the same time as yours.  Members can arrange their own get togethers or simply share experiences and tips online about issues such as breastfeeding, sleeping, baby blues or pram friendly cafes.

"People to meet up with a couple of times a week, email each day with concerns and learnings, and soon become firm friends with. I really can't value it highly enough - it's had the hugest impact on this transitional time." Rachel, N5

"It's very useful to have friends through the e-groups that are going through the same stages with their babies as you are. We compare notes and it's great fun and very supportive." Sara, N4

"If you live away from your family, the Islington NCT is a wonderful support network. I'm from abroad and I've made more friends in the last year through the e-groups than the preceding four." Rebecca, N5

Most groups continue for a few months after the babies are born, and in many cases are still going strong a year later. At this point the facilitators hand the group back to its members to own.

If you would like to join a Bumps and Babies group please send an email to duedate_inct@yahoo.co.uk with your name, your estimated due date or baby's birth date, your postcode and a phone number. Please put your due or birth dates in the subject line.

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