Chantelle is currently on maternity leave, and anticipates returning to offering a doula service in December 2023.

Chantelle is a qualified NCT doula who is based in Halesowen.

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About Chantelle

Chantelle is a mum to two girls and has been supporting children and families, in multiple capacities, for the last ten years. Her goal is to ensure parents feel supported through all stages of pregnancy and birth. She is based in Halesowen, next to the M5, and is happy to travel up to an hour away to cover areas that include, but are not limited to: Birmingham, Dudley, Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, and Worcester.

Chantelle believes in person-centred practice and enjoys working in partnership with expectant parents and empowering them by ensuring they feel supported and heard throughout pregnancy and birth. She aims to provide continuity of care both antenatally and throughout labour. Her varied and diverse knowledge base and experience include a vast amount of experience relating to peer support: breastfeeding infant/child sleep, babywearing, and transition to parenthood. She has additional skills and training in hypnobirthing and relaxation. 

Chantelle is a calm and nurturing presence during her time with you. She is an oxytocin enthusiast and has many tools to encourage the production of the feel-good hormone that is essential in the birthing process. Chantelle will create a relaxing, non-judgemental and supportive environment; with the aim of harmonising all in the birthing room to produce an oxytocin-friendly environment. Her interprofessional working experience will enable her to effectively communicate the birthing person’s needs and desires to any medical professionals. Be this directly or supporting the person to express themselves. 

She is well versed in the multi-faceted experiences of pregnancy and birth, enabling her to support you in your unique journey. This may include supporting your partner through their potential roles within this process. This includes understanding their transitioning role, relaxation techniques, effective communication; how to support your partner through the birthing process.

Chantelle Revel-Maton


  • NCT Birth and Beyond Foundation Degree
  • NCT Antenatal Practitioner
  • Hypnobirthing Teaching with The Birth Uprising
  • Tongue Tie and Infant Feeding Support Level OCN 4
  • Infant Allergies, Colic, and Reflux Training Level OCN 4
  • Holistic Sleep Coaching Level 6, The Open College Network and Lynsey Hookway
  • LGBTQ+ Competency Workshop with The Queer Birth Club
  • Birth on the Spectrum workshop

Ongoing training:

  • Degree in Health and Social Care, University of Worcester
  • Birthing Awareness 3 Step Process Traiing - Mark Harris
  • LGBTQ+ Lactation Workshop with The Queer Birth Club


Chantelle will provide support by:

  • Meeting with you and if relevant your birthing partner prior to the birth. The initial no-obligation meeting will also enable you to touch base and consider if her service is the right one for you. Should you decide to continue with her service you will be provided with two further meetings to develop an open, trusting and empowering relationship. You can explore your preferences, concerns, and understanding of the birthing journey.
  • Being available by email, text, phone, internet-based telecommunication (such as Zoom and Teams) between meetings.
  • Being exclusively on-call for up to 4 weeks around your estimated due date. This will include being on-call 24 hours.
  • Supporting you psychologically, physically and emotionally throughout your pregnancy, labour and postnatally.
  • Supporting you with your feeding decision, using her wealth of experience and skills relating to infant feeding.
  • Offering you a post-natal visit to enable you to reflect on your pregnancy and birth experiences. This is usually done in the first six weeks after birth and will include an opportunity to discuss any further support or services you may need.

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