NCT Courses and Covid-19

We are updating course information on our website and contacting course bookers as early as we can before courses begin, explaining whether courses will run in-person or online.

How we make decisions about the delivery of NCT courses

As the UK’s largest parenting charity and leader in the field of antenatal education, we make informed decisions with full consideration to the current and any (confirmed) future UK government restrictions and official guidance and the most reliable research findings and data regarding pregnancy and Covid-19.

We also consult closely with our colleagues at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and Royal College of Midwives (RCM).  

It’s our charitable mission to support all parents to have the most positive experiences of pregnancy, birth and the early days, so we will: 

  • always make decisions that offer the best experiences available whilst protecting you, our parents, your babies and our NCT course leaders. 
  • act promptly and transparently, informing you how and why your course will be delivered as early as practically possible.  

Jemima is an NCT doula in London.

Would you like Jemima to be your doula?

Email: or call: 0788 650 6312 


About Jemima

Jemima is a birth and postnatal doula living in Gipsy Hill, South London with her family and three children. Her locality places her within close reach of south east and south west of London also allowing her to travel to surrounding areas up to one hour away.

Jemima’s passion for wanting to support women through pregnancy and birth was realised from a young age, growing up in a family home with a mother who fostered many children, babies were always present in the home. Particularly so after having her last child, she knew she had a love for pregnancy and the birthing process and just how important and precious the experience was to her. She reflected upon her past experiences of naturally being that friend supporting and empowering others through their pregnancy and the early stage after childbirth.

As your Doula, Jemima will aim to provide a calm environment and seek to support you and your birthing partner (if you have one) working collectively as a team and advocating your choices where necessary, however you need to have the best birthing experience possible. Jemima will support you by providing encouragement and any relevant information.

Jemima has her own birthing experiences to draw from. She has first-hand experience of giving birth in a hospital setting as well as a birthing centre. She will also provide a range of breathing techniques that will assist you in labour along with methods of relaxation and helpful positions to promote being active whilst in labour. Jemima will be happy to support you whatever your choice of setting, be it a homebirth, hospital or birthing centre. 

Jemima is also in the process of training to become an NCT breast feeding counsellor, offering 1:1 support.

Jemima Sholanke


  • NCT Doula
  • Completed year 1 of the NCT and University of Worcester Birth and Beyond Foundation Degree. She is currently studying to complete this in summer 2022.


Jemima will provide support by:

  • Meeting with you, and your partner (if you have one) on three occasions before the birth to get to know one another, discuss any concerns and establish what your birth preferences are and how she can support you both. 
  • Being on call for you 24/7 for up to 4 weeks around your estimated due date. 
  • Staying with you for the duration of your labour & birth and helping you to get settled for the first couple of hours after the birth. 
  • Being available by email and text message, outside of scheduled appointments. 
  • Support with feeding through sign posting. 
  • Meeting with you after the birth to discuss your birth experience.


"We really appreciated having Jemima's support, particularly her guidance in the run-up to the birth where she discussed pain relief techniques and what to expect in the hospital.

It was reassuring having someone to ask all our questions, especially given that we were first-time parents.

She was very dedicated to us as a family and followed up with us after the birth."

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