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Until the end of March 2021 our courses are online. Currently, due to rising Covid-19 infection rates and official guidance for pregnant women, online is the only way we can safely and practically deliver local, fully interactive and inclusive courses – a decision supported by the Royal College of Midwives.

We know how much you value our in-person courses so we’re keeping our options open for courses from April 2021 onwards. Currently you can still book these as in-person classes but we’ll only bring people back together in venues once it is safe to do so. We’ll never put you, your baby or your family at risk.

To understand more about why we're delivering our courses online please read our course FAQs. Our website also has an up-to-date section on Covid-19 pregnancy and birth information.

Our Covid-19 Price Promise: If you book a course that is already being delivered online you’ll receive a 15% discount at the time of booking. If you book a course that is currently offered as in-person, we’ll give you back 15% of your course fee if we need to move it online to ensure your safety.

Josie is an NCT doula in South West London.

Would you like Josie to be your doula?

About Josie

Josie lives in Wandsworth and has 3 daughters. Each of her births was very different, but it was the positive shift between her first and second births that inspired her to train as an NCT antenatal teacher 20 years ago. She believes that it is possible for all women to have a positive birth experience - whatever the circumstances - as long as they feel listened to and cared for.

Josie has supported couples and single women through a wide variety of births - from elective and emergency caesareans and inductions to water births and VBACs. As well as working with mothers, Josie believes that supporting partners to be ‘the best birth partner that they can be’, can really  transform their experience of birth. She tends to doula for mothers expecting their 2nd or 3rd baby, after previous traumatic experiences as she offers a chance to be listened to during this pregnancy, before discussing ways to make the new birth a more positive experience.

As well as being an NCT Doula, Antenatal Teacher and Breastfeeding Counsellor, Josie also works part time within the NHS visiting new parents at home as part of a team of community midwives. She finds that her variety of roles enables her to see things from different view points and so offer a wide range of knowledge and support - from the pregnancy, through the labour and into the early days of parenthood.

Josie has supported women at St George’s, Chelsea & Westminster, St Thomas’s and Kingston Hospitals.


Josie is an NCT Doula, Antenatal Teacher and Breastfeeding Counsellor as well as an NHS Community Maternity Support Worker.


Josie provides support by:

  • Offering a free initial meeting to help you decide if you would like her to be your doula
  • Meeting with you at least three times prior to the birth, to provide a relaxed and informative space for discussing hopes and fears about the pregnancy, the birth and life with a new baby
  • Unlimited contact by phone, text and email until 6 weeks after the birth of your baby
  • Being on call 24 hours a day from 10 days before your due date, until the birth
  • Offering support with breastfeeding
  • Visiting twice after the birth (if you wish) - once in the first week and then again a week or two later


“It takes a special kind of person to be a great doula. We are so glad you were with us to share in the magical experience of the birth of Dillon. You made such a difference in so many ways and helped turn a long and complicated labour into a calm and wonderful event. We couldn’t have asked for a better birthing partner. We will always be grateful for the emotional and practical support you provided to us both."

“Josie helped put things in perspective every step of the way. [Before the birth] there were times that I had to weigh up medical advice I’d been given, what I wanted and what my husband would think about the decisions I made. Talking to Josie helped me to look at things in a logical way, which made making decision a little less stressful. Walking into hospital with Josie, I was able to just be I knew at that point that I could go inside and focus totally on me and the baby and everything was taken care of. Where to go, who to see, what to do next was removed from me entirely, and things started to feel almost magical from then onwards. It’s strange because at that stage things were technically speaking the most painful but at the same time it was the most wonderful part of labour too as it all felt just perfectly natural and balanced.”

“Josie was just amazing. I don’t know how we managed with the birth of my first child when we didn’t have her there. Her knowledge was vast and she very much took on board what we wanted from the birth and tried to help us achieve that. She was subtle enough so we were still able to enjoy this very precious experience as a couple, but also knew when to step in to help. My husband was initially worried whether having a doula present during labour might feel awkward, but afterwards he felt very much the same as I did - having Josie there made the whole experience a lot better.”

Josie Wood


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