NCT Courses and Covid-19

Covid-19 price promise: If some or all of your course takes place online due to Covid-19, we promise to give you a course price discount related to how much of the course is online. 

Courses until the end of May 2021 are online to bring you local, fully interactive and inclusive courses when Covid-19 infection rates are high and official guidance for pregnant women remains in place – a decision supported by the Royal College of Midwives. 

"Antenatal classes can be incredibly helpful in preparing for childbirth and parenthood – and for meeting and sharing experiences with other parents-to-be. Online classes, like those offered by NCT, are the safest and most practical option currently and still offer those opportunities, even if the experience is different to getting together in person."

- Royal College of Midwives 

We are taking decisions on whether courses from June 2021 onwards will be delivered online or in-person on a month-by month-basis.  We are updating course information on our website and contacting you if have booked a course place explaining why, so you know how your course will run 6-10 weeks before it begins. 

How we make decisions about the delivery of NCT courses

As the UK’s largest parenting charity and leader in the field of antenatal education, we make informed decisions with full consideration to the current and any (confirmed) future UK government restrictions and official guidance and the most reliable research findings and data regarding pregnancy and Covid-19.   

We also consult closely with our colleagues at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and Royal College of Midwives (RCM).  

It’s our charitable mission to support all parents to have the most positive experiences of pregnancy, birth and the early days, so we will: 

  • act promptly and transparently, informing you how and why your course will be delivered as early as practically possible.  
  • always make decisions that offer the best experiences available whilst protecting you, our parents, your babies and our NCT course leaders. 

Katherine is a qualified NCT Doula covering Surrey, South London, Kent and Sussex.

Would you like Katherine to be your doula?

Email: or call 07411739891.


About Katherine

Katherine is a qualified birth doula to degree level with the NCT and the University of Worcester. In addition, she is qualified to support as a postnatal doula and hypnobirthing teacher. She is able to attend births in and around Surrey, South London, Kent and Sussex.

She is based in Surrey with her partner and two young children. Since becoming a mother, Katherine has been passionate about helping women take control of their birth, feel empowered by their experience, enabling parents to begin their new life in a positive way. Katherine supports parents in pregnancy, birth and postnatally in their transition to parenthood. She is always keen to expand her knowledge in order to offer greater support to mothers and their families and so is continuing her study with NCT and University of Worcester to become a Breastfeeding Counsellor.

She is excited by every birth she is able to support and her passion shows through her work with her clients. She prides herself on her warm, dependable and trustworthy nature. She understands everyone is unique and will always listen to and respect your birth wishes, and will be led by you whatever you decide. During labour she believes a mother’s wishes should be heard and respected.

Throughout labour, Katherine will engage and adapt to you and your birth partner’s needs to help create a positive birth experience, whether it is using massage, breathing and hypnobirthing techniques, or supporting you to work through any arising decisions and advocating on your behalf.

Katherine would be honoured to join you on your journey whether it is your first baby or as you grow your family. If you feel Katherine is the Doula for you, please contact her to chat further.

Katherine Berzins


  • Birth doula to degree level with NCT and the University of Worcester.
  • Qualified postnatal doula with Younique, a Doula UK recognised course.
  • Certified for Aromatherapy in Childbirth a Royal College of Midwives accredited course.
  • Qualified Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing (KGH) teacher.
  • Studying with the NCT and University of Worcester to become a Breastfeeding Counsellor complimenting her Doula role.


Katherine will provide support by:

  • Meeting you and your partner a minimum 3 times before your birth to enable us to, explore together your birth options, discuss evidence based information, and discover your birth preferences whilst build a trusting relationship together.
  • Antenatally helping you try massage, breathing and other techniques which can be used during labour.
  • Being on call 24/7 for your birth by phone, zoom or email, 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your estimated due date.
  • Joining you at home or in hospital for continuous support during and after the birth until you have everything you need as a family to continue your journey together.
  • Caring for you during labour with a toolkit of support tailor-made to your birth, such as breathing, massage and hypnobirthing techniques.
  • Meeting you and your partner once after the birth of your baby to listen to you and your partner’s birth stories, answer any questions you may have and sign-post you if you want to explore additional services.
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