NCT Courses and Covid-19

We are updating course information on our website and contacting course bookers as early as we can before courses begin, explaining whether courses will run in-person or online.

How we make decisions about the delivery of NCT courses

As the UK’s largest parenting charity and leader in the field of antenatal education, we make informed decisions with full consideration to the current and any (confirmed) future UK government restrictions and official guidance and the most reliable research findings and data regarding pregnancy and Covid-19.

We also consult closely with our colleagues at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and Royal College of Midwives (RCM).  

It’s our charitable mission to support all parents to have the most positive experiences of pregnancy, birth and the early days, so we will: 

  • always make decisions that offer the best experiences available whilst protecting you, our parents, your babies and our NCT course leaders. 
  • act promptly and transparently, informing you how and why your course will be delivered as early as practically possible.  

Rachel is an NCT doula in London.

Would you like Rachel to be your doula?

Email or call 0208 876 8365 or 07900980992

About Rachel

As one of four siblings born at home, Rachel was brought up with a belief that birth was a natural thing. Having had a range of birth experiences herself, she understands that certain things need to be in place for birth to be a positive experience. These include a comfortable birth environment, trust in your care givers and continuous, friendly support.

Rachel is passionate about creating a birth environment which promotes the possibility of a positive birth experience for mum, dad/birth partner and baby/babies, whether it be at home, in a Midwife led wing or labour ward.

Rachel lives in Putney with her three daughters. She is relaxed and easy-going, and calm in a crisis. She loves sitting by a camp fire, playing the cello, ceramics, meditating, massage, aromatherapy, interior design and is passionate about helping women have a positive birth experiences.

Rachel says: “I look forward to helping you feel confident and empowered by your experience of birth and I am happy to support women and couples in London, Surrey and parts of Sussex and Kent.”

Rachel May Webb


Rachel is an NCT antenatal teacher, NCT doula and placenta specialist.


Rachel will provide support by:

  • Meeting you two or three times before your due date, to go through any questions or worries you may have and begin to build a relationship with you. 
  • Working with you to write a Birth Plan, and talk about what you may like during each stage of your labour (massage and aromatherapy).
  • Being on call for you from two weeks before your due date.
  • Staying with you for the duration of your birth and helping you to settle afterwards. 
  • Meeting with you a few weeks after to talk things through and offer help with settling into parenthood.


“Rachel anticipated my needs both physical and emotional and provided such encouragement just by her presence - I felt no fear. I feel the part that Rachel played was exactly the support I needed - the support of another experienced woman who is sensitive to the needs of a birthing woman during a very personal and unique experience such as giving birth.”

- Hannah and Phil, parents of Jack.

“Thank you so so much for all your support in bringing little Matilda Rose into the world. I think I would have had a very different birth if you hadn't been there. You really did go far beyond our expectations in terms of everything you did for us.  Tom and I are so grateful. I can't imagine going through it all without you.  Thank you so much”

- Emily and Tom, parents of Matilda Rose

“Our deepest thanks to you for your love, support and compassion in the lead up to, and especially during, labour and the birth of Eloise. You have an amazing gift and we are so privileged to have received this.  Your gentle guidance was soothing and grounding throughout it all. And then to know that Eloise was safe with you in the earliest hours on earth - a true blessing! We carry your love with us on this, our latest journey.”

- Emily, James, parents of Eloise
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