NCT Courses and Covid-19

Until the end of March 2021 our courses are online. Currently, due to rising Covid-19 infection rates and official guidance for pregnant women, online is the only way we can safely and practically deliver local, fully interactive and inclusive courses – a decision supported by the Royal College of Midwives.

We know how much you value our in-person courses so we’re keeping our options open for courses from April 2021 onwards. Currently you can still book these as in-person classes but we’ll only bring people back together in venues once it is safe to do so. We’ll never put you, your baby or your family at risk.

To understand more about why we're delivering our courses online please read our course FAQs. Our website also has an up-to-date section on Covid-19 pregnancy and birth information.

Our Covid-19 Price Promise: If you book a course that is already being delivered online you’ll receive a 15% discount at the time of booking. If you book a course that is currently offered as in-person, we’ll give you back 15% of your course fee if we need to move it online to ensure your safety.

Simone is an NCT doula for London.

Would you like Simone to be your Doula?

Email or call 07745992541

About Simone

Based in Highbury in North London, Simone has been a Pregnancy and Post Natal yoga teacher for the past four years and has a deep interest in all aspects of the birth process. She enjoys being able to offer a safe space for women to connect with their changing bodies and growing babies during pregnancy and encouraging them to move and explore their bodies again after birth. Being a Birth Doula for that special time between these two phases is something Simone is passionate about, having always been a caregiver by nature. The oldest of four, she plays the mothering role within her family and amongst her friendship group, supporting many of them through their own journeys into parenthood.

Simone offers physical and emotional support, friendship and further information wherever she can. With a background, personal practice and philosophy based in yogic teaching, Simone believes in connectedness and considers every aspect about you as an individual, as a partner and as a mother, along with the changes your body and your growing baby are undergoing, with nonjudgement and unconditional support.

Simone believes in coming together as a team and will strive to work side by side with you and your partner on the things you would like for your labour and birth, gently helping you plan the most supportive path to your baby’s arrival. Simone will encourage, offer assistance and provide information where she can so that you are able to go into labour feeling confident in yourself and your ability to give birth in whatever form that may take.

Simone Matus


Simone has taught a large number of women from 12 weeks of pregnancy until babies are well over 1 year, sharing their unique journeys with them and continuously offering assistance and support throughout pregnancy and once their babies have arrived. She has a number of students who she has guided on their yoga mats through two or more pregnancies and values these very special connections.

NCT Birth Doula Pathway, University of Worcester
NCT Access to Training, University of Worcester

200hr Vinyasa Flow Registered Yoga Teacher with Power of Now Oasis, Bali
Pregnancy Registered Yoga Teacher with YogaLondon
Post Natal Registered Yoga Teacher with YogaLondon


Simone will provide support by:

  • Meeting with you, and your partner, twice before the birth to get to know one another, discuss any concerns and establish what it is you’d like for your birth and how Simone can support you both
  • Encouraging you to begin thinking about and putting down what you’d like for your birth, going through the plan together
  • Being on call from 10 days before your due date
  • Joining you and your partner during labour whenever you feel you’d like Simone to be there with you
  • Offering support, assistance and help to you and your partner during labour and birth. Simone will use gentle yoga movements, breath work, simple massage and relaxation techniques wherever possible and if you feel like it, encouraging your partner to join in
  • Staying for a couple of hours after birth to make sure you all have everything you need to enjoy this special time together
  • Meeting up a few weeks after birth to share your birth story and offer any further information if needed


"Simone was a great doula for us. This was our first pregnancy and both my husband and I were a little bit anxious, especially since we're not originally from UK and were not that familiar with the system. We've done all the courses we could but still were a bit worried about the upcoming experience. Simone helped us a lot with her knowledge and energy in the weeks leading up to the birth. She visited us at home and provided helpful information and advice on pain management, birth planning and how and what to do on the day. Once we were in established labour Simone joined us in the hospital and remained by our side into the early hours of the morning, displaying great energy and dedication to my well-being and our birth experience. She helped us to deal with labour ward staff, provided great advice about moving and massage during especially painful parts of the labour and did everything she could to take care of us. We've very thankful for her help and would highly recommend her." 

- Irena & Artem, parents to Elena

"I was really happy to have Simone as our doula. Having her by our side made me feel more confident about labour and took away some of the fear before the big day. She provided emotional support, especially once we went past the due date. I appreciated that she seemed to look forward to the big day, but stayed calm at the same time and checked in when I needed her to. I enjoyed our preparation meetings, as we got to discuss things we hadn't talked about before. Practicing the breathing and massage techniques was also nice. Simone is very easy to work with (easy to communicate with, arrange meetings, flexible), is very knowledgeable (extra source of expertise) and obviously friendly and kind." 

- Celina and Dany, parents to Ella

"Simone is a wonderful doula. We really appreciated all her kindness, care and professionalism that she brought. It made such a difference having her support. I really valued all our meetings, the wonderful advice & practical skills and her constant support when Samuel was born. I will always be grateful for her positive impact in helping Samuel arrive & adjust to life outside in a relatively stress-free way!" 

- Hannah & Tom, parents to Florence and Samuel
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