NCT Courses and Covid-19

Covid-19 price promise: If some or all of your course takes place online due to Covid-19, we promise to give you a course price discount related to how much of the course is online. 

During July and August we are taking a safety first approach to delivering our courses in-person, this means that we have a mix of online and in-person courses available.

We are taking decisions on how we deliver our courses from September 2021 onwards based on government unlocking time frames and venue availability. It is our ambition to deliver the majority of our courses in-person.

We are updating course information on our website and contacting you 4-6 weeks before your course begins if you have booked a course place, explaining how unlock may affect how your course will run.

How we make decisions about the delivery of NCT courses

As the UK’s largest parenting charity and leader in the field of antenatal education, we make informed decisions with full consideration to the current and any (confirmed) future UK government restrictions and official guidance and the most reliable research findings and data regarding pregnancy and Covid-19.

We also consult closely with our colleagues at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and Royal College of Midwives (RCM).  

It’s our charitable mission to support all parents to have the most positive experiences of pregnancy, birth and the early days, so we will: 

  • act promptly and transparently, informing you how and why your course will be delivered as early as practically possible.  
  • always make decisions that offer the best experiences available whilst protecting you, our parents, your babies and our NCT course leaders. 

Sophie is currently a student NCT doula. An important part of training for this role is that Sophie is required to support a woman or couple through birth with the support of the NCT doula tutors. The fee for Sophie to support you has been appropriately set to recognise the fact that she is a student. 

Sophie is based in South Wales. 

Would you like Sophie to be your doula?

Email: or call: 07939653123 

About Sophie

Sophie is an enthusiastic birth doula focused on the holistic care of the birthing family. She believes in holding space for those to experience their own birth their way. Sophie is an advocate of a positive birth experience for all. Supporting families and mothers in their birthing decisions and empowering them to follow their innate instincts to achieve their birth. 

Sophie believes in the benefits of a positive birth experience to promote bonding and support babies’ early development. With a non-judgemental, open attitude Sophie embraces all different types of informed birth choices and family situations. Having completed a trauma informed doula education course Sophie has knowledge of the impact that previous life experiences can have on expectant parents and the birth experience. 

As a trainee breastfeeding counsellor Sophie can offer information and support for those undertaking their feeding journey. Sophie believes in people’s instincts in listening to their bodies and knowing their own capabilities.  

As a trained hypnobirthing practitioner, Sophie can suggest visualisation, breathing and relaxation exercises during labour to create a calm birth environment, harness the power of the mind and to help make the birth be a calm transitional experience. Sophie can help families to create a calm birth environment and create relaxation exercises to use throughout labour.  

Sophie is studying to become an NCT breastfeeding counsellor and can offer support and information on your feeding journey. Studying yoga for pregnancy Sophie can use her knowledge of physical skills to suggest positions and movement to use throughout labour and birth. 

Sophie Wainwright


  • NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor (to qualify 2021) 
  • NCT yoga for pregnancy (to qualify 2021) 
  • Calm births hypnobirthing instructor (2020) 
  • Trauma Informed doula education course with Conscious birthing (2019) 


Sophie will provide support by:

  • Offering local knowledge of birth options. 
  • Non-committal meeting to see if we can work well together. 
  • Two meetings antenatally. 
  • Supporting you in making your birth plan. 
  • Attending appointments at your request. 
  • Phone support throughout early labour and postnatally following the days after birth. 
  • Physical presence as soon as you feel you need me in labour and until you as a family are comfortably settled post birth 
  • Supporting you in a debrief of your birth experience. 
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