NCT Courses and Covid-19 update

May to July 2020 NCT courses and workshops are being delivered online, not in person, due to the UK’s social distancing measures.

The safety of parents, babies and NCT course leaders is paramount when deciding whether our courses are online or in person. Decisions on how current and future NCT courses are delivered are made in line with government policy and guidance from the NHS, the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Read our NCT Covid-19 FAQs for latest information and guidance on pregnancy and coronavirus from the most accurate and trusted sources.

How you choose to give birth is a deeply personal decision. If you’re thinking about waterbirth, find out more at one of our practical workshops.


Following government COVID guidance we are sorry but this course is on hold until the 31 August. You can book for later in the year, when we hope current restrictions will have been lifted.


When it comes to giving birth, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you are planning to have your baby at home or in hospital, a water birth can be an option for you. 

Some mothers feel that it eases the pain of labour. Others find the water helps them to change positions more easily. If you think you might like to have a waterbirth, our workshops guide you through what you’ll need to consider.

What to expect

Waterbirth at home

Practical learning

Our workshop will cover the things to think about – from hiring or buying a pool for a home birth, to arranging to use a birth pool in hospital. We’ll talk you through what might happen, how to plan and possible costs.

woman and newborn in birth pool

Supportive approach

Our waterbirth workshops are run by experienced NCT antenatal teachers. They’ll make sure you’re at ease and answer all your questions. You’ll leave confident that you’ve got the information you need to make decide about a waterbirth. 

woman in birth pool

Open to all

All parents-to-be can come to our workshops. You don’t have to be an NCT member, or to be taking one of our antenatal classes. We welcome everyone, and you might even make some likeminded new friends.


Our workshops are priced based on the length of the session and where in the UK they are based. We want every parent to have access to our sessions, so we offer discounts in some circumstances – find your local course or get in touch for more info. 

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Become an NCT member and join a community of new parents, all experiencing pregnancy, birth and early parenthood together. Get informed about local events and meetups, save a bundle of cash through NCT Member’s Club discounts and become part of our nationwide network.

NCT Membership

NCT Membership

Become an NCT member and join a community of new parents, all experiencing pregnancy, birth and early parenthood together.