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NCT Essentials antenatal course

If you’re expecting a baby make sure you have all the basics of pregnancy, birth and early parenting covered with an NCT Essentials antenatal course.

When you first hear the wonderful news that you’re expecting, it’s natural to also feel a bit anxious. And while there’s lots of information and advice available out there, sometimes it difficult to know who you can rely on.

That’s why our newest and most affordable antenatal course, NCT Essentials, is designed to answer all your questions and get you for the big day and beyond.

Over 12 hours, 10 hours antenatally plus a two hour reunion, our NCT Essentials antenatal course will provide you with information and emotional support on pregnancy, birth and caring for your baby. You will come away clearer about what is right for you and your new family.

That’s because we know what matters to new mums and dads, and have condensed it in to an antenatal course that’s guaranteed to explore six essential, easy-to-follow themes.

Of course you will learn about positions, pain relief and pushing. But on our friendly and structured NCT Essentials antenatal course there is much more. As well as preparing you for the arrival of your beautiful new baby, we will guide you through the changes and challenges of being a new mum or dad.

Plus, becoming a member of NCT brings you even closer to other new parents in your area, providing a network of friendly faces just when you need them most.

    Every NCT Essentials antenatal course covers:
  • The development of your unborn baby
  • Changes for you and your partner
  • Your health and wellbeing
  • Giving birth
  • Caring for your baby
  • Which people and services are there for you?

All NCT Essentials antenatal courses are led by our specially-trained antenatal practitioners and courses are held at convenient locations during evening and weekdays. (Don’t worry if you work in the evening because you are legally allowed time off work to attend our antenatal courses if they’ve been recommended by a doctor or midwife.)

Course highlights:
  • The support you need at the time you need it.
  • A structured course covering six essential themes.
  • Confidence-building practical and hands-on content.
  • How to manage pregnancy, labour and birth.
  • Preparing for life with your baby.
  • Meet local new mums and dads.
  • Couples, singles, friends and family partners welcome.
  • Local courses.
What others say...

Yvonne wasn’t sure if she needed an antenatal course, but now several months after the birth of her daughter she says, “I’m very glad I chose my NCT antenatal course. My darling Suzie’s arrival wasn’t easy, but looking back I know I felt more confident because of what I learnt on my course. And it's really helped me cope with some of the trickier moments of being a new mum.

Suzie's mum Yvonne, London