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Baby’s Taste Journey is a programme developed by the UK-based charity The Food Education Foundation (FEF), the first food education charity working in partnership with the NCT; providing practical support around food and feeding to parents of children aged 6 to 24 months.

FEF founders Cat Gazzoli and Alice Fotheringham have worked with the NCT for several years, developing workshops and courses that offer parents from all communities’ information, resources and guidance about infant nutrition.

“We are extremely proud to be working with the NCT and further their vision to provide parenting supporting during the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. We will continue to develop the FEF charity programmes alongside the NCT in order to give parents the most useful and up-to-date research on infant nutrition.” Cat Gazzoli, Founder of the Food Education Foundation, and a leading Food Educator.

Emerging research suggests that a child’s diet during the first year may impact later health and eating behaviours. The FEF classes aim to equip parents with both the knowledge and tools they need to ensure their child receives a nutritious start to life, laying the foundations for a healthy and long-lasting relationship with food in later years.

FEF uses the latest research to provide parents with strategies, recipes and tips, covering a range of areas in infant nutrition and development; including what foods you can give when, introducing new tastes, family mealtimes and fussy eaters. We help navigate the confusing array of advice about food, whilst allowing parents to use the information to make up their own minds about what works best for them.

FEF aims to support hard to reach and disadvantaged parents and volunteers through a variety of programmes and partnerships with local community groups, family support charities and community and children’s centres in London.

“The FEF programmes are a way to give parents confidence in feeding their young children. We offer evidence-based knowledge and tools at a stage in their child’s development that can often cause uncertainty, frustration and anxiety for many families.” Alice Fotheringham, Director of the Food Education Foundation.

Please note that FEF workshops are available within London.

Please email info@babystastejourney.org.uk if you have any questions or would like to have an FEF teacher come to your community.


About the Food Education Foundation

Both the charity FEF and the programme Baby’s Taste Journey were founded by Cat Gazzoli, a leading food educator and passionate food campaigner. The charity’s director, Alice Fotheringham is a nutritional chef specialising in baby nutrition. Together, they have been working with leading dieticians and food campaigners such as Prue Leith to develop programmes that enable parents to provide balanced and nutritious meals for their young children.

The charity is working with local communities to reach a wide range of parents throughout London. FEF would not be able to continue its work without the fantastic support and ongoing partnership with the NCT as we grow the charity and continue to develop the programmes, ensuring they are up to date with the latest research on infant nutrition.


This course is organised by volunteers in NCT branches, please allow extra time for a reply due to volunteer capacity.

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