• In the first few days – or even weeks, your newborn may sleep quite a bit. Take advantage of these longer daytime naps to rest yourself even if you have lots to do. They will soon start sleeping less!


  • One of the best pieces of advice I was given was to try to stop every so often in the first few mad weeks and, regardless of how exhausted and overwhelmed you might feel, take a moment to enjoy the precious little baby you have. Before you have a baby this sounds crazy, but the first weeks are so hard that it easy to wish them past without ever having stopped to enjoy them. A tiny baby is so amazing but they grow so fast --? its nice to be able to remember the short time before they become fiercely independent.


  •  Before the baby arrives, tell your friends--?who--?haven’t--?had--?babies the following:
    1. when they come to visit, they should not only make their own cups of tea but yours as well
    2. they should bring a meal for you
    3. forget baby clothes and toys, the best gift they can give you is sleep – tell them to come round and babysit for an hour while you get some sleep.
    These may sound very small things, but the lack of sleep makes even tea--?making a huge mountain to climb and having to cater for well--?meaning visitors can be tip you over the edge.


  • When you think you can’t cope with the sleep deprivation any longer, remember that it doesn’t last forever. The first 2--?3 weeks are really hard (so line up your family and friends to especially help you during that period) --? after that every day it gets a tiny bit better. At the time its hard to feel an improvement, but when you look back you can see it.
    A lot of people say that 6 weeks and 12 weeks are turning points in getting a little easier – I think this is true.


  • If you can fit it in your nappy bag, always stuff a spare t--?shirt for yourself – just in case (leaky boobs, leaky baby etc)


  • I wish I had known on day one that when a newborn cries go through and check if it is--? 1) wind or 2) hunger or 3) nappy, 4) check if they are too hot/cold and if not do they want to go to sleep, or just a want cuddle?!! If I had that list in my mind from day one it would have been a lot simpler!


  • Pay attention to a new baby's crevices, especially armpits;


  • Try to enjoy being trapped on the sofa by a sleeping babe, that phase is so short in comparison to later, potty--?based ones


  • If you've got a windy newborn, try the 'Tiger in the Tree' hold (Google it) for getting a baby comfy. It was the *only* position my baby was happy to be held in for the first 10 weeks and it would stop him crying instantly!


  • 0--?3 months is very large for a newborn!


  • I wish I'd known that on early days you don’t have time to take a shower! It helps to have a quick shower before your partner/husband/other go for work so that you can be fresh all day.


  • Take it easy on yourself and each other --? maybe you didn't get your perfect birth, breastfeeding didn't work, take all those baby yoga classes in the first few weeks, can't manage to leave the house without spit up on yourself --? none of that matters in the long run.


  • Sleep whenever you can and don't ever feel guilty.


  • I only bought 0--?3 month clothes before my baby was born. He was big, 9lb but I still needed 'new baby' clothes for the first new weeks, as everything I had bought swamped him.


  • Even if you are completely convinced you are going to breastfeed....have some cartons of formula and a couple of sterilised bottles at home just in case – I really wish I’d known that when my newborn was very hungry and dehydrated when my milk took so long to come in.


  • I wish I'd known that: "This will pass". People kept telling me that I wouldn't be stuck in one position breastfeeding forever, but I didn't really believe them. It doesn't feel like it at the time but those first few weeks when you're on the sofa or in bed with your baby are the easy bit and should be treasured. Give in to the chaos and enjoy them.


  • Buy night--?time bras (like crop tops) --? comfier than maternity bras but still offer support, and somewhere to stick your breast pads.


  • Being a new mum is overwhelming, tiring and seemingly relentless. Don't beat yourself up about everything. Just know that as long as your baby is fed, rested and washed (at least sometimes) you are doing a brilliant job.


  • Hold and cuddle your baby as much as you like and don't listen to those who tell you you're making a rod for your own back. Mine had reflux though we didn't realise for some time and if I had listened to the grandparents I would have now be full of regret and guilt!


  • If your baby needs holding all the time, carry him or her in a sling or baby carrier --? then you can get chores done!


  • Enjoy the cuddles in bed while your baby can't move around --? when they are crawling they won't stay still enough for the cuddles!


  • Its fine to use formula milk if you need to --? don't feel inadequate --? using formula has benefits too!


  • Buy babygros with the built--?in fold--?over mitts --? loose scratch mitts never stay on!


  • An electric steriliser is worth the money --? you can use the bigger ones to sterilise feeding bowls / spoons / dummies too.


  • Always sleep when the baby does! It's one that gets churned out all the time but I can't stress how important it is for your sanity. Leave the housework and get some shut eye!


  • Always carry cereal bars in the changing bag, as you will always be rushing out of the house and forgetting to eat.


  • Get a gardening kneeler for bath time! Also the moulded baths are great for the newborn period.


  • Sleep is like food for babies. Never wake up a sleeping baby unless absolutely necessary.  

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