Adapting to life with your new baby

People often say that nothing can prepare you for the birth of a new baby. It’s such an overwhelming experience, and so unlike anything else, that it’s bound to come as a bit of a shock.

And caring for a newborn is a demanding, 24-hour job. It is especially hard when you are just recovering from the birth, coping with discomfort or pain, and dealing with new emotions.

Getting to know your baby can be rewarding and joyful, but there’s such a lot to learn – how to feed her, how to soothe her to sleep, how to keep her clean and warm. In these first days, it can feel as though you will never adapt to this new way of life.

You’ll soon start to work out your own ways of coping with parenthood, and your ways will probably be different from your family’s or your friends’. You are sure to get plenty of advice from everybody, but remember – this is your baby and you are in charge now.

Hackney NCT groups can offer you support and friendship with parents going through the same experience as you. There are also many other organisations that can offer information and advice in the first few months. To find out more information about our groups, breastfeeding, postnatal courses or valley cushions please see the menu on the left hand side. (We are currently updating our website so if the desired page is not there please contact

STEPPING STONES, is the NCT’s free information service for parents. It takes you up to your baby’s 2nd birthday and makes sure that you get the right information at the right time by basing distribution on your baby’s birthday.

So whether you’re wondering about weaning, troubled by teething or want some ideas on making time for yourself, Stepping Stones will be with you every step of the way! To sign up for the free guide please visit

Helpful books for new parents

  • Breastfeeding for Beginners, Caroline Deacon
  • The NCT Book of Breastfeeding, Mary Smale Bestfeeding, Renfrew, Fisher and Arms
  • Help Your Baby to Sleep, Penney Hames
  • Your Baby’s First Year, NCT
  • Baby Massage, Peter Walker
  • The Birth of a Mother, Daniel Stern
  • Feelings After Birth, Heather Welford
  • Life After Birth, Kate Figes
  • The Father’s Book, David Cohen
  • The NCT Complete Book of Baby Care


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