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What is a Cloth Nappy Library?

Would you like to use cloth nappies, but don’t have any idea what they are all about?  Eastleigh NCT is running a cloth nappy library so that you can trial different types of nappies before you buy.  We have a number of trial kits which are loaned out on a monthly basis.  This service costs £15, with a £25 deposit.  We also have a re-usable wipes kit and potty training pants kit that are available for hire. 

How does the nappy library run? 

The nappy library runs from the co-ordinators home.  To arrange a visit please contact: 

How does it work?

Information will be given with each trial pack as to the care and use of the nappies and we can demonstrate how the nappies fit when we meet you at your pre-arranged session. We will be able to answer any questions your might have at these sessions and you can contact us in advance at:

Thankyou to all of the people who have donated their pre-loved reuseable nappies to us we are very grateful! 

If you no longer use your cloth nappies or associated equipment would like to donate them to the library please contact: any brand and any condition will be considered.

What is a cloth nappy?

Many people think of terry towelling and soaking nappies in buckets when they hear the term ‘cloth nappy’.  Modern cloth however has come a long way.  Modern nappies are made from a variety of materials including, cotton, bamboo, hemp and microfibre.  They are formed in various shapes including all-in-ones, all-in-twos, stuffable pockets, fitted shaped nappies and prefolds.  Some nappies require waterproof covers however many come with a waterproof layer already sewn in.  There is no need to soak nappies any more – most modern nappies only need be dry pailed before washing.  Borrow a pack and find out if one of the types of nappies could work for you.

cloth nappies


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