Baby’s Taste Journey™

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Studies have shown that babies introduced to a variety of first foods tend to choose a wider variety of foods throughout their childhood which may encourage a healthier diet in the future. That's why we are excited to offer a new workshop called  Baby’s Taste Journey™ to help you make informed choices about introducing foods to help give your child the best start in life.

All of the Baby’s Taste Journey™ workshops are delivered by highly qualified NCT practitioners, who have received additional training  in order to become Baby’s Taste Journey™ trainers

The workshop goes beyond the weaning stage to focus on making food more pleasurable, encouraging play by having fun with food, and incorporating patience into the whole process.

 Having worked in food education and as a mum myself, it is such a pleasure to be working with the NCT on this unique course introducing new tastes, healthy eating and promoting family mealtimes to children. Babies develop their taste preferences very early on, what they eat as their first foods can influence their lifelong diet.

 “Very few of us know that a baby might need to be exposed to a flavour up to 12 times before enjoying it. Imagine tasting distinctive flavours and textures like banana, toast, egg, broccoli and strawberries for the first time!  

 “By giving parents valuable and insightful strategies, recipes and tips during the workshops, we can help them to create the foundations for a lifetime of enjoyable eating for their children,” says programme creator and chairwoman, Catherine Gazzoli

Obesity is strongly linked to negative food choices which are linked to a lack of food education and a disconnection from food itself. Baby’s Taste Journey™' has a long-term aim to stop the alarming trend in food-related illnesses by educating parents, leading them to make better food choices for their families, so enabling the next generation to become healthy eaters.

The workshop has been developed with highly-skilled dietitians, food educators and prominent individuals in the food sector. The workshop has been tested and piloted with many parents, and is linked with Glasgow University to ensure the research-based content is always up-to-date.

By attending Baby’s Taste Journey ™ workshops you will:

·         Learn about the five tastes when eating.

 ·         Learn about the ethos of eating seasonally, shopping locally and understanding food production.

 ·         Gain a better understanding of the experiences your child will face during mealtimes.

 ·         Understand how family shopping, meal-times and food preparation can support the new lifestyle a baby brings.

 ·         Receive meal planners, recipes and tips on how to ease planning around feeding a baby.

 Baby’s Taste Journey™ workshops are suitable for parents and carers of babies and young children between the ages of 6-24 months.

 Please note that these workshops are initially only available for the time being within the M25 area and will start from Autumn 2014. Please email if you have any questions about availability of courses in your area.