You maybe aware our current team is undergoing some change as some of the volunteers are stepping down to pursue other interests (school PTFAs, etc.). As the branch cannot continue without these 5 key roles being refilled, we are asking if you would come forward to volunteer some of your time to help out.

I won't lie - it's hard work being a volunteer, but it's also great fun and very rewarding. Through volunteering in the team I've created a wonderful network of friends. It also gives you the opportunity to make a real difference to the impact that the NCT charity has on YOUR local area. Running Bumps and babies groups, local walks and holding Nearly New Sales.

(I forgot to mention the CV points, the certificated training, and keeping your brain from going to mush on maternity leave!)

There are plenty of opportunities to help you in your volunteer role - There are regional training days , online information, Babble - the NCT's intranet is stuffed full of resources; Yahoo forum groups specific to your role; and of course the existing team (we're not all leaving) and those stepping down will help too with hand-overs, we all chip in to help out. You can find more through our 'GET INVOLVED' page.

We will be holding a Revival meeting for new volunteers (babies welcome) on 5th May 2015 12.30-2.00 at Rising Brook fire station. And another Meeting in a evening to be held shortly after, details to follow. Please try to come along if you can make it (please email to give us an idea of numbers) and would like to help your branch out . More details of what volunteering involves, along with descriptions of each role are below.

Key Roles (these MUST be filled for the branch to run):

Branch Coordinator

The branch coordinator or chair role is the leadership role for the branch. You run NCT in your part of the UK, and are the main communication link with the regional team and UK office. Your key role is to make sure you have a full and effective volunteer team and to direct the activities of the branch. A successful Coordinator knows what branches are expected to do and ensures that the branch has a plan and vision for what is to be achieved locally. Being the Branch Coordinator may be hard work and challenging at times, but always interesting and worthwhile.


The branch treasurer has the vital role of recording all the branch income and expenditure on Intrabiz (online bookkeeping system) so NCT can produce accounts. They also keep their bank balance in the black and are responsible for the financial plan for the branch year. Branch treasurers do not need to be qualified accountants, but it’s important that the branch treasurer is someone who is comfortable with handling figures and money and is well organised, with sufficient time to maintain the branch records on a regular basis.

PSA link

There must be a link between the team and the local Parent Services Administrator (PSA – the person who books people onto antenatal and postnatal courses). It is the PSA Links job to help the class attendees to become connected and involved in the branch, usually by class visits, either themselves, or creating a team of volunteers who do this.

Membership Coordinator

The Membership Coordinator is the designated first point of contact in the branch for new and renewing members. They are also the point of contact between UKO and the local branch for membership queries .

Parent Support Coordinator

The Parent Support Coordinator is the organiser of the branch parent support system. The key function of branches is to provide support activities such as bumps and babies and open houses for parents-to-be and new parents – many parents speak warmly and gratefully about the friendships made through branches so the role of the Parent Support Coordinator is vital and brings the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others. In the Stafford, Chase & District branch, this job involves coordinating lots of organisers who run the groups.

Also the following Roles for volunteers/ members would be very useful/ essential!

No need for membership for the following roles.

Branch Web Co-ordinator

Looks after the branches page on the NCT website.

Baby First Aid Coordinator

Books sessions with the Red Cross and Stafford, Chase & District, then books enquirers onto courses

Branch General Enquiries Contact

Answers emails sent to our main email address, forwarding them on to the right person

Branch Newsletter Editor

Sends out the monthly events newsletter, and a paper members’ newsletter.

General volunteers

If you don’t feel able to commit to a particular role, we can always use extra volunteers to support the team with new ideas, or hands on help at our groups and events.

Tuesday 5 May 2015
13:30pm - 15:00pm
Rising Brook Community Fire Station, Hesketh Road, Stafford, ST17 9NF
Tuesday 5 May 2015
13:30pm - 15:00pm
Rising Brook Community Fire Station, Hesketh Road, Stafford, ST17 9NF