Volunteers, parents and expectant parents just like you, run our branch. You don’t need to take on huge tasks, just commit whatever time you can or your previous experience and skills. It is a great way to learn new skills, make new friends, and represent the NCT. Get in touch and get involved! 

We are always on the lookout for volunteers for the following events. Please contact us at: coordinator.aberconwyandcolwyn@nct.org.uk or regionwales@nct.org.uk if you can help in any way.

Nearly New Sale Team - If you enjoyed taking part in the Sale, why not get involved with helping to plan the next one? Everyone's views and feedback are appreciated to make the next sale even bigger and better. We will be putting together a dedicated Sales Team to help with the organisation and development of future sales.

Buddy List - If you would like to provide some support to the branch, but are unable to take on a formal role, why not sign up to the Buddy List? Buddies get in contact with new members to welcome them to the branch, encourage them to get involved in the social calendar and be the first friendly face they might meet at a social event.

Open House Hosts - Members with children of all ages are needed to host Open Houses. These are a great way to meet people in an informal and friendly atmosphere, which can be a livesaver if you are new to the area or are a bit intimidated by the play group circuit. Ideas for social activities for parents with older school age children are also always needed! 

Branch Socials - if you would like to suggest places for members to meet up (either day or evening) or would like to set up one yourself (like a regular coffee and a chat meet in a local cafe) then please contact us. Members are needed to be the meet and greet faces at things like Prams on the Prom and the monthly pub night. We want to make sure that there is always someone there to welcome a member that has made the (sometimes huge) effort to get out of the house and socialise. 

Thank You

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