If you support NCT and want to make a difference for other parents, why not think about volunteering for us?

You can get involved as much or as little as you like, depending on the time you have available. Becoming a volunteer is a great way to meet other people, have fun and learn new skills.

Parents and expectant parents just like you run our branch. We would love to do more and more in the Chester area and if you would like to help us achieve that aim please join us!

What Skills are required?

Administration, marketing, IT, budgets, co-ordination, events management, campaigning, re-search, training – in fact anything you’ve done before can be adapted.

Or, you can learn a new skill that will be useful for your CV in the future.

You can use your skills (and learn new ones), your creativity and enthusiasm, your experience from working life and as a parent, to make friends and have FUN!

Some examples of the ways you could get involved include:

  •  Writing an article for our newsletter
  •  Helping organise an event / run an event
  •  Work with our campaigns team
  •  Background Administration
  •  Answering email enquiries
  •  Get involved with our Famous Nearly New Sales

Anyone can help us by being a volunteer! Right now we would love to have your support in:

  • Welcoming attendees to our Bumps and Babies on a monthly rota
  • Helping to compile and edit our e-magazine NatChat
  • Helping organise and man our one-off events (perks available!)
  • Helping keep an eye on our social media platforms

How much time shall I give?

As little or as much as you want. Tasks can always be broken down and shared between friends or others in the team.

If you have an event or an idea you would like our support with then please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do what we can to assist!

Gaining real work skills through volunteering

NCT volunteers develop lots of skills through the many activities they organise or help run that many employers would find incredibly valuable.

Including volunteer work on your CV can set you apart in a competitive jobs market and make a big difference during the candidate screening process.

Your NCT volunteering demonstrates interests outside work, involvement in the community and an ability to network and communicate on a local, regional and national level.

All NCT volunteer roles require skills and responsibilities that appeal to employers, as well as helping you personally develop during a career break.

Want to know more?

We hold volunteers meetings to plan and organise social and fundraising events. (Please see our Facebook events page for more details).

We are currently looking to increase our number of volunteers. If you fancy making new friends, are up for a bit of a challenge or would like to use your skills, we are waiting to hear from you now chester@nct.org.uk. Alternatively come along to one of our meetings/events; we'd love to see you!

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