Like all NCT branches, we're run by volunteers, so we're always really grateful for any help...

Without volunteers to help out, our newsletters can't be produced, Nearly New Sales and coffee groups won't run and we are unable to provide the support we would like to our members.

Don't worry, you wouldn't be thrown straight in at the deep end - there would be lots of help to bring you up to speed. It is only a couple of hours of time a week, and you'll feel part of something fantastic.

Volunteers receive a Volunteer Support Pack and a monthly e-newsletter, eUpdate, to keep them in touch with NCT-wide developments and good practice. Depending on the role, there are also NCT-wide eGroups which provide good support from others already in the same role across the country.

We provide training and support at Regional Training Days for individual and groups of branches and at our Annual Conference - who knows, you could be nominated for one of the annual volunteer awards which are presented here!

If you want to get involved, contact Alison at for more info.


*** We are currently looking for volunteers to fill the following roles: Branch Advertising Co-ordinator, First Aid Co-ordinator, Deputy Treasurer. If you would like further information, please get in touch!***


Branch Membership Coordinator:

  • the designated first point of contact in the branch for new and renewing members
  • the main communication link with UK Office Supporter Relations Department and branch team members over membership data and data protection issues
  • able to promote membership as a way that individuals can support the NCT charity

Branch Newsletter Team:

  • roles include: editor, feature writers, advertising, distribution
  • the newsletter provides an important link between the branch and its members and potential members
  • also provides an opportunity to raise funds for the NCT

Branch Nearly New Sale Coordinator:

  • the leader of the NNS team
  • a positivie, motivational organiser and delegator of the volunteers involved in each NNS
  • plans each NNS so they raise as much money for the charity and help as many local parents as possible

Branch Treasurer:

  • is the manager of the local web-based accounting system for NCT branches
  • is responsible for keeping the local LloydsTSB bank account in good order
  • produces reports on branch finances for team meetings and/or fundraising planning sessions and the year end accounts for the Annual Members' Meeting

Branch Parent Support Coordinator:

  • the organiser of the branch parent support system
  • the main contact for parents and health/children's services professionals about the services and support on offer
  • the link with branch specialist workers for class supporters and information about mutual support through the branch

Branch Secretary:

  • the administrator for the branch team, working closely with the Branch Coordinator
  • the volunteer coordinator for the branch, ensuring that registration of volunteers is kept up to date

Branch Advertising Coordinator:

  • makes sure the branch gets the most out of support from companies
  • helps branch publications and activities to pay for themselves via advertising and sponsorship

Branch Fundraising Coordinator:

  • helps the branch to raise as much money as possible for local NCT services to parents and the wider work of the charity
  • a positivie, motivational organiser and delegator
  • has an overview of all the branch's income, from grants, events and commercial support

Branch Webmaster:

  • able to work closely with the branch team to keep the branch web pages up to date to make branch activities for parents accessible to promote fundraising and social events, and advertise volunteering opportunities
  • able to edit copy for the web and achieve optimum layout so that browsers can find what they need

Branch Press and Publicity Officer:

  • is to get as much free publicity for the branch and the NCT as possible

Breast Pump Agent:

  • offers a hire service from her own home, arranging collection / delivery of pumps to hirers by arrangement

Valley Cushion Agent:

  • offers a hire service from her own home, arranging collection by / delivery of cushions to hirers by arrangement

Bra Fitter:

  • offers a free bra fitting service in her own home, at antenatal classes, branch coffee mornings or other venues/occasions by arrangement
  • earns vital funds for the NCT and also 10% commission for the branch

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