Vacant roles

We are always looking for volunteers to help out at our baby groups, Nearly New Sales and behind the scenes to keep our presence updated!

Below are some of our vacant roles, but don't worry if you don't fancy any of them, let us know your skills and we can make up a role just for you! How much time you give to a role is completely up to you, there will never be any pressure from anyone to commit to more than you can manage. We are all busy mums and we understand that family comes first - any spare time that you can give to volunteer is a bonus!

We hope that you will have lots of fun doing whichever role you choose to take on –  we know that NCT and parents in your area will benefit greatly from your commitment.

Please get in touch with Chika at

Under the Branch Charter, branches must have a Branch Coordinator. The other required positions are:

Membership Coordinator


Parent Services Administrator Link

Parent Support Coordinator

All branch team members must be NCT members. All volunteers are covered by the conditions of the Volunteer Policy & Charter and full details of the role are available on

The Branch Coordinator/Chair

 The Branch Coordinator is:

  • the leader of the branch team
  • the main communication link with the regional team and UK office
  • an advocate for the NCT in the local community

 A successful Coordinator knows what branches are expected to do and ensures that the branch has a plan and vision for what is to be achieved locally. Being the Branch Coordinator may be hard work and challenging at times, but always interesting and worthwhile.


  • Ensure that the branch team plans, publicises and provides activities for parents-to-be and new parents
  • Run regular team meetings so that team members receive the guidance, support, motivation and acknowledgement that they need
  • Ensure that links with specialist workers, students and the parent services administrator are positive and effective
  • Link with the country/regional team and UK office to ensure good two-way communication and keep everyone up to date
  • Promote the NCT in the local community
  • Ensure that the branch raises enough money to cover local activities, student expenses (as required) and its share of the charity’s overall costs
  • Ensure that the branch complies with the requirements of the Branch Charter.


Parent Services Administrator Link

Volunteering Time Estimate: 0-2 hours a week

The PSA Link is an important and interesting role for a branch volunteer to help ensure that parents-to-be and new parents who enquire about and book on to NCT antenatal, early days or short breastfeeding courses are also linked with their branch at the earliest opportunity so they can access the branch support and social network and other services such as NCT Nearly New Sales. 

A successful PSA Link knows about branch activities and helps the PSA promote these effectively to enquirers and class bookers.

Key Tasks:

  • The main contact point for the local Parents Services Administrator (PSA)
  • Provide branch materials and publicity flyers for enquiry packs
  • Brief the PSA about branch activities
  • Follow up parents booked on courses and those who have enquired to ensure they are made welcome by the branch, encouraged to get involved and to become a member
  • Attend, if possible, PSA review meetings (not essential)

Nearly New Sale Coordinator

Nearly New Sale Team

Volunteering Time Estimate: up to 2 hours a week, for just the month or two before a sale

NCT Nearly New Sales (NNS) raise essential funds for the NCT and provide a valuable service to local parents and parents to be.  By raising money for the NCT you are helping your branch to reach scores, hundreds or even thousands of parents locally, and helping the charity as a whole to support over a million parents every year.  

Newsletter Editor

Volunteering Time Estimate: up to 2 hours a week during press time

A successful newsletter editor is confident, persuasive and creative, making sure the branch newsletter is an interesting mix of local and charity-wide stories, and information with advertising relevant to the readership.

Key Tasks

  • Organise and lead a team to produce a local branch newsletter
  • Edit copy and consider layout in order to produce an interesting and useful publication for branch members.
  • Decide on the theme and content of each issue of the branch newsletter
  • Ensure that regular items include: news from the branch, diary/adverts for parent support activities such as bumps and babies groups and coffee mornings, reports on past fundraising events and adverts for future ones, volunteering opportunities and other branch information.
  • Work with the advertising co-ordinator to include adverts from local companies/services to ensure that the newsletter costs are covered.
  • Ensure that each newsletter contains a balance of articles on pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

No experience is required however you will need to be good at word processing, have an ability to write clearly for different audiences, edit copy provided by others, be organised, sensitive & enthusiastic! You will also need to be willing to acquire knowledge and an understanding of NCT's vision and purpose. We will support you at all times and offer you the training and information that you need.


Advertising Co-Ordinator

Volunteering Time Estimate: 2 hours a week

Advertising and sponsorship raise essential funds for the NCT and help ensure that our branch publications and services to parents can happen. By raising money for the NCT you are helping your branch to reach scores, hundreds or even thousands of parents locally, and helping the charity as a whole to support over a million parents every year. 

Key Tasks

  • Help branch publications and activities to pay for themselves via advertising and sponsorship.
  • Inspire local companies to advertise in and sponsor branch publications, events and services by selling advertising space across the branch from newsletter and web advertising to sponsorship and stalls at events.
  • Work with the Newsletter Editor & activity organisers to ensure that advertising is appropriate.

No experience is required however it helps to be good at communication, marketing and promoting, negotiation, confidence working with numbers, as well as enthusiastic & confident! We will support you at all times and offer you the training and information that you need.

Marketing Coordinator

  • Contact potential advertisers
  • Organise bag stuffing
  • Organise distribution of flyers and posters
  • Promote events such as Nearly New Sales, special bumps & babies events (Mother's Day, Halloween, Cheeky Monkey Tea Parties, our presence at any carnivals, etc.)

Fundraising Co-ordinator

Volunteering Time Estimate: 1-2 hours a week

As well as being a hugely rewarding experience personally, you can inspire the NCT Glossop team and play a part in supporting millions of parents every year. Help us to raise as much money as possible for local NCT services to parents and the wider work of the charity. The role really isn’t as daunting as it might sound though!!

In Glossop, we already have many fundraising events in place throughout the year e.g. Nearly New Sales, Cheeky Monkeys Tea Parties and Christmas Parties. What we really need is someone to help co?ordinate some of these fundraising efforts.

This is another kind of role that really can be what you make it. The opportunity for raising funds is almost limitless – if you’ve got the ideas and the time, then we will certainly support you! But, as a minimum, we’d be very happy to have someone to keep our fundraising efforts ticking over in a coordinated fashion! It is a sociable role, with plenty of opportunity for chatting to new people, and is supported by the rest of the Branch team.

  • Key Tasks:
  • Coming up with fundraising ideas
  • Organising fundraising activities and events
  • Delegating tasks to event volunteers

Baby First Aid Coordinator

Volunteering Time Estimate: 1-2 hours every three months or so

The role of Baby first aid coordinator is an incredibly fulfilling one.  By arranging NCT Baby first aid courses you are giving local parents access to lifesaving skills and the confidence to put them into practise.  You can decide when and where to hold courses and potentially train more than 100 parents every year.

Key Tasks:

  • Book NCT Baby first aid courses through the British Red Cross booking system.
  • Keep local NCT Practitioners, parents and carers informed about NCT Baby first aid courses.
  • Administer course bookings to ensure that courses are filled and a record of participants is responsibly kept.
  • Meet the British Red Cross trainer 15 minutes before the course (or ensure that another volunteer is able to do this) to open and set up the venue.


Grants Co-ordinator

Volunteering Time Estimate: 0-2 hours a week

Being the grant fundraising co-ordinator for your branch is immensley rewarding.  With assistance from the rest of the branch team you coordinate the planning and funding of local outreach projects.

The role is ideal for volunteers who love planning, researching and attention to detail.  A successful application brings a great sense of satisfaction to the whole team.

No previous knowledge is required as there is plenty of support available in the form of factsheets and help from your regional team and the UKO Branch Fundraising Team.

Key Tasks:

  • Identify suitable projects for grant funding applications
  • Research potential funders for projects
  • Encouraging and support branch volunteers in writing grant applications

General Helpers

Volunteering Time Estimate: 1-3 hours every few months

We are in need of volunteers to help out at our fundraising events. It can be anything from taking money on the door, to serving the teas, to washing up afterwards.

We are currently planning on running no more events until we have built up a new team of volunteers. We would love to organise more fun and supportive events and services for local  parents, but unfortunately we just don't have the man power!

Events include:

  • Nearly New Sales
  • Baby changing and feeding tents at Summer Carnivals
  • Christmas Parties
  • Cheeky Monkeys Tea Parties
  • Baby & Pregnancy Fairs
  • Coffee Morning fundraising events

Bumps and Babes Helpers

Volunteering Time Estimate: 2-3 hours a month

Do you go to our Bumps & Babes groups, in which case, do you think you would be able to come half an hour early, or stay half an hour later? We currently have a rota so if enough people volunteer you would only need to come once or twice a month.

Key Tasks:

  • Putting out chairs, blankets, toys & tables
  • Putting out refreshments


  • Putting away chairs, blankets, toys & tables
  • Washing up and putting away cups and plates


If you are on facebook, search for "NCT Glossop Volunteers" to join our facebook group to see what events are coming up that require volunteers, or to see our Bumps & Babes rota. You can then put your name down for as much or as little as you like, whenever you like!

Or, you can send us an email to and we will add your to our volunteer's mailing list, then we can email you to let you know when we need your help!

Please get in touch with Chika at or on 07966 497301
if you would like further information or to chat about any of the vacant roles. We would love to hear from you!

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