baby in towel

In response to calls from parents, we're calling for better services for babies with tongue-tie

Lots of parents have been in touch with us to tell us that it took weeks or even months for the fact that their baby had tongue-tie to be diagnosed and that the problem is not being picked up by health professionals. Tongue-tie can lead to babies not being able to feed properly and prevent them from gaining weight in their crucial first weeks. There's more information on it here.

We have written to Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter MP calling on him to improve the diagnosis and treatment of tongue-tie in the UK, saving the NHS money and parents and babies stress and anxiety. NCT wants to see more professionals trained to recognise and deal with the problem as current NHS treatment is often patchy and sometimes non-existent. 

What parents say:  

“Both my children were tongue tied and in both cases the professionals failed to identify it. Due to unacceptable waiting times I felt I had no option but to pay for private tongue tie division. I went to hell and back on my feeding journeys because of tongue tie.”

Take action

You can write to your MP to call for better services to diagnose and treat tongue tie using the template letter on the right. Find out who your MP is, and if you receive a reply do let us know by emailing  

You can also campaign to improve tongue-tie services in your area by following our guidelines.