NCT readers can receive a 10% discount every time they order name labels online through

Stikins® is one of the largest name label brands in the country and offers friendly and efficient service combined with a proven name label product. Label Planet have been supplying Stikins® since 2004 and we now have over 5,000 independent reviews from parents.

Label Planet is delighted to offer NCT readers the opportunity to receive a 10% discount every time they order name labels, by using the words “NCT-SPECIAL-DISCOUNT” as the coupon code when they order online through

Name labels are an essential purchase for parents when their children start to spend time away from home with other children – whether this is in a crèche, nursery, school, or club. Inevitably children’s belongings get mixed up and a good name label helps nurses, teachers, staff, and parents to make sure that possessions remain with the right child. Losing personal belongings is particularly stressful for school children, who may have been told that it is now their responsibility to look after their own things. 

Label Planet is a family company and Stikins® name labels were originally developed 15 years ago by the owners to help them keep track of all of the clothing and miscellaneous items that belonged to their four children. Stikins® are printed with the child’s name and, best of all, these labels are completely multipurpose; they can be stuck on the wash-care label of clothes but are also great on bottles, bags, shoes, and toys. This means that they are very cost effective because one label does everything, so you don’t have to buy separate packs of labels for shoes, clothes, and personal possessions.

Some schools and nurseries have joined the Stikins® fundraising scheme and earn commission on sales of these name labels, so be sure to quote their fundraising number when you order (this will work in addition to the special NCT discount code shown above).