We've teamed up with Butterfly Twists, who are a proud supporter of NCT, helping us reach all parents in the first 1,000 days.

Butterfly Twists shoes

Butterfly Twists are a women’s footwear brand with a comfort first approach. They exist to help women take on whatever comes their way with comfortable, fashionable and convenient shoes. 

Butterfly Twists invite NCT members, family and friends to enjoy a 20% discount on all full priced product with the code “NCT20”.

They will be donating 20% from the sale of these shoes to help us support all parents.

Great shoes take you great places

Butterfly Twists would also like to give you the chance to win a family break at Center Parcs and travel there in style and comfort with a free pair of Butterfly Twists shoes. To find our more and to enter the competition please visit their website here.

Q&A with Phillippe Homsy, Co-founder of Butterfly Twists

Dad of seven month old Mylo, Phillippe Homsy, is one of the co-founders of Butterfly Twists. He got in touch with us after doing an NCT course and seeing the natural connection between his customer base and NCT’s mission. 

We caught up with Phillippe to chat a bit more about the partnership and his experience of being a working dad. 

A photograph of Phillippe Homsy, Co-founder of Butterfly Twists

Hi Phillippe! How did you hear about NCT?  

Through word of mouth! Two of my business partners are parents and talked about NCT giving them a sense of community. We liked the idea of going to an NCT class and meeting like-minded people who we could share our worries with and help everything feel normal as a new parent. 
The bond among my NCT class was great. We have a WhatsApp group and it’s good because when your child is wakes up in the middle of the night, you know that someone else is going through it and might even be up at the same time as you to chat. We can really rely on each other.
There was also the support from our NCT practitioner, who was really kind. We could always ask her anything. It’s amazing that NCT facilitated such a sense of wellbeing. I’ve made some good friends from my class!

Obviously you’ve had the experience of being a parent in an NCT class and you also have a business. What made you want to work with us as a charity as well?

I think with the three of us [founders] having gone through NCT and appreciating everything that we got for such an extremely reasonable price, it made us realise we’re very lucky to have that opportunity and it’s time to give back. And knowing that a large base of our customers are parents or soon to be parents, we thought those customers would really benefit from what NCT does. We feel it’s a good fit and I’m glad we could make it work. 

What do you think those links are with your customers and our audience?

A lot of our customer base are parents or soon to be parents. They’re at that age where they might be thinking about it or they already are, that’s definitely a strong link. Also 80% of our customer base live in the UK, so they would be able to directly benefit from the work NCT does. 
I think something that’s really key is the comfort of our shoes, they look good but they’re also easy to wear, and comfort is a high priority especially for pregnant women! Plus, there’s the convenience of the foldable shoes, which are great for a parent on the go. 

So how is life as a working dad? What are the challenges of balancing parenthood with being the founder of a company?

Running a business and being a parent makes you realise the importance of time management. Not just being productive and managing your schedule really well, but all of a sudden you have to rearrange your priorities and have a lot more working lunches or meetings where you Skype or use the phone so you can be more productive with your schedule. Of course, children never work to your clock, but by being flexible with your ‘to-do’ list, you realise how much more focused your time and output needs to be. 
As an employer, we try to give flexibility to all our own staff and trust people to manage their own schedule. You can work from home in the morning and come in in the afternoon, things like that. Personally, I love to get home early to make sure I can bath my child every night. I try and work my schedule around that. The culture we have in the business is that we never want someone to miss out on what’s really important to them. 

Do you feel like you and some of your co-founders being parents has changed how the business operates? Did you have that in the back of your mind when creating the business?

I think we do, our CEO has three children, so I think it’s great that he really leads by example. He’s showing that as a parent his life has to be more flexible, and you can be too. I think a lot of companies say ‘oh yes, flexible time’ and ‘take as much holiday as you want’ but if the CEO doesn’t lead by example, the rest of the team won’t feel like they can use those benefits. I think that it’s really great that we’re practicing what we preach.

Thanks Phillippe! Any final thoughts?

I’m so glad we were able to make this partnership work. I had such a great experience at my NCT class and it means a lot that our partnership can enable some of the amazing work this charity does. It’s great to be giving this discount to your members and followers too.

Thank you to Phillippe and the rest of the Butterfly Twists team! Don't forget to use the discount code 'NCT20' at checkout for 20% off of your purchase. 

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