NCT and Colour Chronicles are proud to work together in supporting parents through the vital first 1,000 days and beyond.

Colour Chronicles

Colour Chronicles has been set up by Ruth Sturdy to provide parents with a fun and easy way to record their child’s journey through childhood. Ruth saw how quickly her children, and her NCT friends’ children changed and grew, she wanted a way to make sure all the details - both funny and poignant - were preserved for posterity. The result is The Book of You - a childhood journal, full of questions to be answered each year by both parent and child, which builds into a lasting treasury to be looked back on and jog happy memories of childhood.

Prompted by her own NCT journey of finding a wonderful support network at her NCT Antenatal Course – Ruth decided to work in partnership with NCT.

“Personally, NCT has had a huge impact on our life. We completed our Antenatal Course with a group of six couples and we were united immediately. I never dreamed for one moment that we would be so lucky to all still be in touch four years later and not a week has gone by where we haven’t met up. One couple are our second child’s Godparents and another helped start the journey of setting up Colour Chronicles and launching The Book of You. I couldn’t and wouldn’t be here without them.

NCT is such an incredible charity dedicated to making sure there is support for all new parents. Colour Chronicles are delighted to be a NCT partner, contributing from the sale of our books to the incredibly important work they do.”

This is why Colour Chronicles are donating £1 from the sale of each book towards the NCT’s charitable work.

For more information and to purchase The Book of You please visit Colour Chronicles website.


Colour Chronicles

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