NCT and GAP are proud to partner to celebrate the journey into parenthood by providing gifts at our antenatal courses.

If you're attending one of our antenatal courses you will receive a gift of a voucher for a free pair of Gap triple roll socks for their baby and a Free Forever adult t-shirt with any in store purchases over £15. Included with each voucher is an exclusive NCT and GAP VIP gift card which provides an annual discount to cardholders, offering an additional 10% off any purchase made in store.

This means that it can be used on non-sale and sale items, giving the best possible discounts (aside from GAP staff) anywhere in the market. 

During our partnership, we will work together to support parents and to normalise breastfeeding in everyday life and within the mainstream media.

We’re excited to see how our partnership will develop over the two years, and thank GAP for choosing to work with NCT to support our mission that no parent is isolated, and all parents are supported to build a strong society.


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