Let’s say thank you to everyone who has supported parents during the last year. Join us in celebrating #ThankYouDay with an NCT Brunch

NCT Brunch

The impact of the pandemic on parents has been huge. Pregnancy, birth and early parenthood has been a million miles from what most new parents expect or hope for.

We want to say thank you to everyone who has helped and supported parents through this tough time. Help us by getting together with friends for an NCT Brunch and share your message of thanks.

Kavita Trevena, an ambassador for NCT from Bexley in London, said: "The feeling of isolation as an expectant mum was really hard to handle. I counted 76 days straight I spent trapped at home.

"It was the help and advice from other mums that kept me going. There was one mum in particular who was there whenever I needed to chat over social media or Zoom. It's her I'll be saying a big thank you to on July 4. So here's to celebrating other mums and I'm up for an NCT brunch – and hopefully in the sunshine, too."

Planning your NCT Brunch

What? Give yourself the perfect excuse for a get together with friends. Host an NCT Brunch and invite everyone to bring some tasty food. Share photos and say thank you to the people who have supported parents in your community.

Where? Outside in a park or a local community space. Pick a venue that works for you. 

When? #ThankYouDay is Sunday 4th July. Late for breakfast, early for lunch, you’re always on time for brunch!

Why? Share your story. Even if they can’t be with you on the day by sharing photos and messages you can make sure that the people who supported you get a thank you. Let them know the difference they made. And please tag us, too! @nctcharity on Instagram, @nationalchildbirthtrust on Facebook and @NCTcharity on Twitter.

Who? Use the #ThankYouDay invitations to invite friends, neighbours, family or people you work or volunteer with.

You can find all the information you need for planning your NCT Brunch in the guide below.

Thank you for helping raise vital funds for NCT! We hope you have a great brunch. Please donate here.

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