London Marathon: Registration Fee £100 Minimum Sponsorship £1500
Virtual Marathon: Registration Fee £20 Minimum Sponsorship £250

You understand there are two events occurring on Sunday 3 October 2022 and understand 
you are taking part in either the London marathon OR the Virtual London marathon. 

If you are taking part in the Virtual London Marathon you will compete the 26.2-mile distance 
on a route of your choosing, within 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds on October 3, 2022. 
You are responsible for choosing your route and ensuring it is suitable for your participation in 
the event. 

You acknowledge that you will be contacted by email, phone, SMS and post in relation to the 
London Marathon, ensuring NCT can deliver the necessary administration and communication 
required to complete your successful participation in the event.

You acknowledge the registration fee you have paid is non-refundable and cannot be used 
towards your sponsorship pledge.

You acknowledge this is a fundraising event and commit to raise the minimum sponsorship 
pledge, excluding any Gift Aid or employer match giving.

When fundraising, you will act lawfully and must not do anything that may harm the 
reputation of NCT or act in a manner contrary to our values. You must make it clear you are 
fundraising in “aid of NCT” and are not fundraising “on behalf of” NCT. You are responsible 
for organising all aspects of your fundraising and NCT will not accept any liability relating to 
your fundraising.

 If you wish to use NCT’s logo, please contact who can provide an 
“in aid of” logo. You must also comply with any local restrictions or government guidelines 
on coronavirus and social distancing.

You agree to secure a licence from the relevant local authority before collecting funds on the 
street or in a public place. You acknowledge you are responsible for obtaining any such 
licence and this is not the responsibility of NCT. 

You agree to send all sponsorship funds collected or raised to NCT by no later than 
31st January 2023.

You agree to ensure any cheques relating to your sponsorship are made payable to NCT and 
sent to the NCT Finance, Brunel House, 11 The Promenade, Clifton Down, Bristol, BS8 3NG 
with the event name, your full name, and address.

When fundraising, you will make your donors aware that a proportion of the money you raise 
will go towards paying for your place in the event. NCT carefully budget to ensure that as long 
as you meet or exceed your pledge, we will make a profit on your participation in the event. 
However it is critical you make your donors aware of this.

Should you fail to meet the minimum sponsorship, you agree make up for the shortfall in 
funds pledged. For example by undertaking a fundraising venture of your own or a 
personal donation.

Any existing regular donations that you may make to NCT do not form part of the total 
raised through sponsorship. 

30% of funds raised using charity places will be directed toward a local NCT group (branch) 
and 70% will be used to support NCTs work nationally.

You must register your contact details with the London Marathon console to take part in the 
event. We will let you know you well in advance of what action is required.

If you have to withdraw prior to the event, you must notify the NCT Volunteering Team 
immediately and before the registration deadline if possible. This means we can re-allocate 
your place to someone else. Any money raised will be retained as a donation towards NCT. 
If you wish to refund your donors, you must ask your individual donors to make a written 
request to NCT.

If you have to defer your place, you must notify the NCT Volunteering Team immediately. 
Due to the limited numbers of places available we are unable to guarantee we can defer 
your place. We will need to take every request on a case-by-case basis as and when they 
are received. 

You acknowledge that NCT will share your contact details with the London Marathon in which 
you are taking part. We will never share your data with any other third parties or used in any 
other way, unless you agree.

The event which you are registering for is physically challenging and may pose a risk of 
discomfort, illness, injury, and even death. You need to be satisfied that you are physically
capable of doing the event without undue risk to your health or life. We do not conduct health 
or fitness checks on entrants and the responsibility for your ability to participate in the event 
is with you as the participant.

If you have a medical condition or are unsure of your physical ability to take part in the event, 
you must seek medical advice from your GP prior to the participating in the event.

You acknowledge that NCT is unable to provide insurance for fundraising activities, and 
that you are responsible for securing appropriate insurance cover if required for your 
fundraising activities.

You acknowledge that you are fully responsible for your participation in the event and NCT 
does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage arising from the event.

You acknowledge that any photography or film footage taken as part of your participation in 
the event can be used for promotional and marketing purposes for this event and any future 
NCT events activity. If you’d prefer your image not to be used, please make the NCT 
Volunteering Team aware.

You will ensure all correspondence regarding your event participation is directed to or 0300 330 0700.

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