We’ve got a fantastic new fundraising event for the whole family to join in! Find out more here and how you can help us to make sure all parents are supported through the coronavirus pandemic.

Support when it’s needed

The coronavirus pandemic is leading to increased feelings of isolation, anxiety and uncertainty for many expectant and new parents, at a time when support has fallen away and the NHS is under great pressure.  That’s where NCT can help - we have seen a huge surge in demand for our support and trusted information.

Since the start of lockdown and social isolating, we’ve helped and supported thousands of expectant and new parents in many different ways: 

  • Information on our website with everything from preparing for the birth of your baby to pregnancy and coronavirus FAQs.
  • Our volunteers have run 100s of free online activities and events, providing support and reducing isolation for families across the UK.
  • Our breastfeeding counsellors have supported hundreds of women with feeding their baby, through our free national Infant Feeding Support Line and by moving their community support online.
  • Our antenatal and postnatal practitioners have provided extra support to pregnant women, their partners and new parents, helping them manage the uncertainty and isolation.

We can only be there for parents-to-be and new mums and dads thanks to your support. We can’t let them down now when they need us most. But the pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on our famous Nearly New Sales and fundraising events, which we rely on heavily to help fund our work.

Show your support for NCT and join our Virtual Balloon Race!

Supporters can buy a virtual balloon and enter it in our virtual race, which starts on Sunday 21 June and ends on Saturday 4 July.

Our Virtual Balloon Race is 100% eco-friendly. The virtual balloons will be released and left to fly around a virtual island. Every hour each balloon travels between 1km and 20km. You can check on the progress of your balloon through the online leader board. It will be a fun and exciting activity for the whole family to join in!

The entry fee is £2 per balloon and the supporter whose balloon travels furthest in this time will win a £25 Amazon voucher.

Buy your balloon

NCT Virtual balloon race

Virtual Balloon Race Leaderboard

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